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Upgrading IEMs.

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First off, I'd like to say hello to the community. Long time lurker, finally decided to join this morning looking for some advice.


Basically, I used to own a pair of SE215s. I had left them at work on Friday due to some car troubles at lunch, and couldn't come back to pick them up. Not surprisingly, as I approach my desk this morning they are gone. I'm agitated as they were still pretty new but I'm using this as an excuse to splurge on a new pair.


The Shures lacked in a couple places, one of them being not enough lows and the other being slightly tinny highs. They had a very conservative sound, not fun at all. Nonetheless, I loved them and I would recommend them to anyone looking for all around good IEMs in that price range.


What I'm looking for in a nutshell: I like the treble to be slightly distant, mids nice and clear and lows to have presence, but not over dominating like some of the cheaply made headphones out there (Beats, I'm looking at you). I listen to electronic, drum and bass, some dubstep, some hip hop, house, trance, some rock, etc. Also I would prefer for them to not be over the ear as I remove them frequently at work and it's a pain having to adjust them onto my ear each time. Though it's not really an issue if they are over the ear.


Budget wise, I'm trying to keep it around $150-$200.

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Vsonic GR07...

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