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Super budget conscious turntable buying advice? Help!

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I have an old turntable that I want to give to my friend but it needs a new cartridge. I plan to get the Red Ed for it which runs for around $25-30, and besides that I do not have an amplifier or anything I can give her. Unfortunately she lives all the way in Texas so I have to mail it which I will estimate to be $20-ish. My question is about the amplifier/preamp I need for this thing to run, can I just get a cheap $20 one with RCA out and have an RCA to headphone jack extension which will enable her to use headphones to listen to the turntable?

Here is the setup I'm thinking of:
Pioneer PL-7 ===> Pyle PP999 Phono Turntable Pre-Amp ===> RCA to 1/8" jack ===> headphones

Here are links of the said items:

I plan to spend <$80 if possible including the shipping.

I know this won't be the best sounding setup but I just want something to get her started. Please give me your input.
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You mean well, but what are the expectations of your friend? Also take into account that you'll need to explain to her how to set up the turntable. I have seen many first time users setting it up all wrong. And the delicate nature of handling a cartridge is easily lost on first time users.

But that aside the actual kit combination seems OK. But I myself would rummage through some garage or house content sale for a vintage era receiver or amplifier that already has a phono input and headphone socket. So when funds and space arrives she only needs to find space for a pair of loudspeakers.

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Thanks for the response.

Yeah that's one thing I'm mainly concerned with, the installment of the stylus which might need adjustment with all the traveling it's gonna do. Getting a vintage amplifier isn't a bad idea but the shipping cost will increase greatly and she lives in an apartment which is pretty small in itself.

But thanks, I will probably order the parts tomorrow.
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One problem with your setup is the phono preamp doesn't have a volume control. You have to invest in some headphone amp to be able to do that and that will add to the cost.

Or you can instead choose a different phono preamp with a headphone out. Behringer has one which is the UFO202. It has a headphone out with a volume control, also it gets power from USB connection.

Other than that you're pretty much alright. Just get the parts first and report how the sound is smily_headphones1.gif
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The idea of getting a vintage receiver is a good one.  These things have the phono circuit,

headphone out, and etc.


It might be worth checking your friend's local craigslist on the web and buying something that she

can pickup locally.  


I have a such a system for my shop with an Thorens TT, low end

kenwood receiver, and ancient speakers.  Lovely, musical, & simple....

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