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Does anyone else notice that the sound quality coming from poweramp sort of distorts or worsens the playback?  I've noticed this on every android player or phone I've used.  The stock player plays flac files "better" (in terms of clarity). 


I just got a Sony Z1060 to replace my SGS II as my DAP, and will be using a line out to a Fiio E11 when it comes in, but since the Z1060 is an older version of android, and XDA doesn't have any roms for ICS, I'm stuck with poweramp.  I'm thinking of just unpacking all the .flac files and turning them into .wav and using playerpro as I find that it doesn't distort any sound quality.  Even when all the "enhancements" that poweramp gives are disabled it just "sounds different", be it worse, then the regular player for the exact same tracks  And it's not like I have crap gear, I'm using some iM716s with the Fiio E6 (or used to be using the Fiio E6 till the stereo jack crapped out).


Any ideas or reasons why?