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OK the ATH M50 seem to be what I am after but in the UK there asking between £75 and £120 depending were you look, but don't know if I can trust the cheaper place, so were can I get genuine product for the cheapest price as really my budget is £65 but if they can be had under £80 I might push the boat out, I don't mind ordering from america, but would prefer a European or UK dealer...only thing is can they be run unamped?
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If it's dirt cheap, be wary, fake m50s are out there.
Ordering from america/europe would probably be more expensive if you factor in shipping and possibly customs. Perhaps save up a bit more and buy it from a trusted retailer, warranty definitely comes in handy for non detachable cables, although the m50's cable is pretty durable.
They should run fine without an amp, only 32ohms.
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Cool Thanks man,nits currently a toss up between

KossDJ100 £50-60 Budget King

Senn HD215 £55-65 awesome + removable cable

ATH M50 £100-125 looks likw the best but pricy.

Have seen the CAL,s but don't really like them.

Just can't decide haha.
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can anyone help me decied? so stuck right now lol.

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I would say the Koss Pro DJ100. They were on Amazon for £56 last week, which leaves enough for a amp if you need one.

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