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Norah Jones New Stuff Appreciation Thread

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For a minute there, it seemed like Norah Jones might get stuck in that old-school boring jazz appreciation Diana Krall genre. Thankfully, that didn't happen! deadhorse.gif


Now Norah Jones has released two records that are WAY better than anything Diana Krall has ever released. wink.gifbeerchug.gif





Thanks, Norah! beerchug.gif

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I liked the old Norah better. I do like a few tracks from those two releases.

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The Fall is excellent from beginning to end.  Little Broken Hearts is still growing on me (I find it a little aimless musically compared to everything else I've heard from her) but there's one song on it that immediately made my Top 50 Songs of All Time list upon my first listen: Miriam.

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I love her first two albums, the first Little Willies album, just amazing to me. Love Stuck and Tell Your Mama on her 4th album...need to give a listen to her latest...I can just never stop listening to the first two though!

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For anyone who likes Norah Jones, try this video. This is Norah performing "She's 22" from the latest album 'Little Broken Hearts' on the The Late Show with David Letterman:


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Fantastic version of that song.  Another of my favorites from that album. 

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Got all her albums as well, including the Willies ones. I'm a fan and though I don't find her better nor worse than Miss Krall (totally different music to me) I can tell you she's a lot more friendly than that pretentious blonde.

I went to her gig in Vorst Nationaal in Brussels a little over three years ago. A night to remember.


If you like her check out Melody Gardot as well, you'll be glad you did.

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It's a little OT but a big x2 on Melody.


On the Norah side, does anybody have the Little Broken Hearts vinyl release?  Those are the fattest, heaviest, whitest LPs I've ever seen.

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R.I.P. Ravi Shankar. The first sad news on a day like 12/12/12. 




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