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UE900 max input power?

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Hello all,

I am a newbie to earphones, recently I got a pair of UE900 and wondering wt is the max input current it could handle.

I am mainly using it for iPhone 4 and with my desktop onkyo se300 soundcard, while I think that for iPhone even with max output volume it would survive well (though once I Hv a frd suddenly turned to max volume for me and it was so loud that I can't tolerate myself and turn it off immediately) but for the soundcard since it can output a much higher current I am afraid in some occasion of accident I might damage it and I can't find the max input current spec on the box I wonder anyone knows about it? I mean whether even max iPhone output can result in damage to the earphones itself? Thanks so much

Noob in headphone
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Before worrying about damaging your iem, you should worry about damaging your ears first if someone suddenly turn your player into max volume....

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thanks for the advice, I did turn that off immediately and curse that guydeadhorse.gif but while I am sure my ears are still running fine now I would like to make sure for the property damage and in case I just plug it in some higher output soundcard without mounting on my ears yet will it get damagedL3000.gif

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