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Which Supra-aural Headphones That Are More Comfortable Than Sennheiser HD800 and Beyerdynamic T1?

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I find both HD800 and T1 to be uncomfortable on my head even though these may be the top-of-the-line headphones. I don't know, maybe the large earcups that cover the entire ear, resting on the jawline that creates the uncomfortable feeling, or the combination of the clamping force, large earcups and weight of the whole thing sitting on the head. I would appreciate recommendations on supra-aural headphones that in my mind will be a lot more comfortable than these circum-aural headphones since they are lighter and don't clamp hard on the jawline. Any experiences would be appreciated. 

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I looked at the HD238 and 239 but there were some comments that the Grado SR80 are more comfortable. Any other recommendations?


All I need is comfort on the ears. Sound quality secondary. If the sound quality is stellar but I can't have the headphones on my head for long periods, that will defeat the purpose.

What are the most comfortable supra-aural headphones in the market now?

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You can try the Sennheiser Momentum. This I know is comfortable. Not as good sounding as T1 or HD800 of course.

It's extremely light and comfortable.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at the Momentum and it does look good, but the earcups a quite large and nearly covers the entire ear. I don't know, but for me I feel that the smaller the earcups the more comfortable the headphones will be although sound will leak out considerably more. I don't mind sacrificing a bit of quality over comfort. I want a light headphones with the smallest earcups possible, definitely supra-aural but with smaller earcups.


Anyway I will try the Momentum, but would appreciate any other suggestions headphones that are lighter and have smaller earcups, headphones that are so comfortable that you don't even know that they are resting on the head. The T1 and HD800 are just plain uncomfortable mainly due to the circum-aural design, big and heavy. I know this will not be applicable to everyone. As much as I love the sound quality from these headphones, I can't have them on my head for more than 15 minutes.



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The Momentums are supra-aural to some people. Circum for me, but the clamp is so light, it's negligible. Have a try.

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Eron, thanks. Have you tried the HD800 and T1? Are your comments on the Momentum relative to these headphones? The reason I ask is because I have tried and owned both and they didn't do it for me.



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It is good to note that the clamping force on the Momentum is low. The clamping force is the deal breaker and main reason why I find most if not all headphones to be uncomfortable, especially the fuller-sized circum-aural ones which exert quite a bit of force on the cheek/jaw line due to the large size of it and the weight. Without a reasonably high clamping force the larger and heavier headphones will not stay put and fall off. That is the reason I am in favor of small and light headphones(with small earcups) with the lowest clamping force possible.

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No, I have not tried both, but in comparison to Ultrasone Signature Pro, Mad Dogs, and a HD598, the Momentums are really light on the head, with minimal clamping force. With the Momentums, there's zero effort moving around. Wires are really light too. A very good portable in that sense. Well-designed and thought through. 


If you have issue with clamping force, you can try bending the headband outwards, holding them for a few seconds, and repeating it a few times.

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Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.


If I read correctly ,you are suggesting that the Momentum is more comfortable than the HD598, possibly exerting less clamping force than the HD598? If that's the case, the Momentum must be more comfortable than the HD800 since I've read a few comments that the HD598 is more comfortable than the HD800. Will look at the Momentum. It does look pretty cool but that's not what I am looking for. I'm looking for comfort as main priority, sound quality secondary and sex appeal last.



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When I said they are well-designed, I was referring to the functionality. Of course, they do look good. The earpads are covered with soft lambskin. Very comfortable. My recommendation was done based on the comfort you are seeking.


According to Anakchan, the Sony MDR-1R are very comfortable. Have a try with those as well. They are circum-aural though.

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px100 ii and SQ of these r comparable to hd600 and hd650...
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vintage orthos and their stock (sometimes flaking) pads for sure

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I can't stand wearing full sized headphones because of the weight and circumaural fit. Living in a seasonally hot climate the heat gets irritating really quickly. That's why IEMs and quality earbuds are my mainstays. However even from these the ears need a rest.


I've had a pair of MS-1i for about a week and they are very comfortable for me. I've also got a pair of P5s and TMA-1s on the way. I thought about getting the Momentums but on my ears they sit half on and half off.

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Sony MDR-1R. And HD800 uncomfortable?eek.gif

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For lightweight n good clarity i would pick this. 

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