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Persona 4 and Disagae 3 are the two best reasons to own a Vita. Stranger's Wrath is well worth a try too, especially for $15. 


Mines running the Uno exploit so it runs all sorts of emulators and homebrew too biggrin.gif

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I really like my vita. I'm looking to get persona 4 and gravity rush at some point. But recently I've been playing uncharted, sound shapes and mutant blobs. It's a great device
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Double post
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I have a PS Vita and am really happy with it. I don't really play games on it but I have Gravity Rush, BlazBlue, and Fate/EXTRA.


I use my Vita to watch Netflix practically almost every night on the comfort of my bed. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and colors are vibrant. Other than that, the only dislike I have for the Vita is it's back touch panel. It doesn't seem right to me for gaming.

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Once Vita gets Amazon Instant Video, I'll be using it a lot more.
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I imagine that it would just become a glorified mp3 player just like my last psp.

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I love the darn thing, but wish there were more games announced for it. Poured 80+ hours into P4G, platinumed GR, and played most of the games I'm interested in. I would certainly like to see more games in physical format too (I'm looking at you LKS, and Earth Defence Force. There's no reason why these should be 39.99 on PSN). I'm borrowing DJ Max Technika in a few days, but after that, I don't know what I can play.

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I believe Vita will become a big thing in the future. The PSP did not do well in the first year or two. Anyway, Sony could do A LOT better if they give the Vita better marketing and support. Casual folks didn't even know what games are on the systems and whats not. The price of memory card is ridiculously high, 65 USD for 32GB, i could buy 1B HDD with that price. In the mean time, it's still quiet enjoyable.


My recommend list:

- Uncharted

- Gravity Rush

- Ninja Gaiden

- DJMax Technika Tune

- Mortal Kombat

- Final Fantasy 7-8-9

- PS allstars battle royale


And if you're really into it, get the PSN+. :)

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I suggest Persona 4, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Disgaea 3, and any PSP games you may have missed out on or wanted to replay.

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I bought one on amazon like 2 weeks before the release date with that promo they had thinking I'd be the coolest nerd in the office at work.  Well, it was available to everyone shortly after and then it was put in its case to rot until something good comes out.  I have about 10 games for it but really only like sfxt just because I love it on console, Lumines is sweet, need for speed is great but its just as awesome on console.  Really the only reason I see to buy one is if you want to play a console game 24/7 everywhere you go because that's all I ever use it for.  I feel ps4 will open its potential more.  Sorry if I am repeating posts, I did not read all of the thread.  Just posting my 1 cent.

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I got a Vita not long ago and I think hardware wise, the Vita has huge potential but it sadly ain't got many great games at the moment. I bought Persona 4 about a week ago for it and it's amazing, I'm addicted to it atm. Persona 4, LBP and Super Stardust Delta make me glad I did get the Vita tho. When the PS4 is released it may give it the needed boost but I think Sony need to drop the price outside of Japan and MUST reduce the cost of the memory cards, they are seriously overpriced.

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Originally Posted by 4SaleUSA View Post

PS Vita is nearly upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited. Here at Push Square we've decided to pick our most anticipated elements of Sony’s new handheld baby before it hits stores, from new online approaches to all those control methods, plus more. We've also bashed out a few of our quibbles and concerns, too. Which parts of Vita have us giddy for launch day, and what things are making us hot.
Aren't you 3yrs late?
And psvita is dead anyway.
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I dunno...a lot of us Destiny players have picked them up because Destiny works pretty well with Remote Play.

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My Recommended list:

Ys Celceta
Akibas Trip 2
Project Diva f + f 2nd
Danganronpa 1 + 2
Persona 4 Golden
Disgaea 4 Promise Revisited
Samurai Warriors 4

Getting localized this year:

Corpse Party Blood Drive
God Eater 2 Rage Burst
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
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I think it's a great console. The graphics are better than the 3DS. I am actually considering buying one...

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