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Is anyone but Sennheiser making cables for the HD25 that are not super expensive? I have little belief in gaining any significant sound improvements by using $100+ on a cable for such a headphone, but the stock cable is really, really bad.


I've owned two, and both have had problems with the jack (an easy fix), but now the connector going into the driver also crapped out on one of them (I hardly got to use it, so I suspect the previous owner might have abused them). I could just replace it, but the Cardas ones are really expensive, and to do them justice I apparently would have to invest in a glue gun as well.


I tried contacting a user on here who's selling one, but since he's not answering PM's or my post in his classifieds thread, and he's been active on the forum, it's safe to assume he decided to block, or just ignore me for some reason, right? I assume there's some kind of notification system on here.


Would appreciate any help or feedback, and please excuse my sub-par English (not my native language).