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Fostex PMO monitors?

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I have been looking into getting some speakers and reading through decided that Studio monitors would most likely be a better fit as I have become accustom to the sound of detail and such. I found the fostex PMO powered monitors and have been reading good reviews but nothing on head-fi about them. The other competitors would be that Audio-engine A2 for the same price and powered. Anyone know much about them? Hear them and so on? Are they musical or just very dry and so on? Bass response and midrange or harsh treble?


I was looking around a bit more and saw the M-audio AV-40 and Behringet Truth; any news on these? THe problem with the amazon reviews is that all of them seem like they are new to quality audio.


I think I might go ahead and order the A2 BUT will keep this thread open as I wont be ordering them for a few days, the very small size of hem also is atractive for my use which is mostly going to be personal audio and gaming.

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I know it's been like a year but did you ever end up hearing the fostex monitors?I wad thinking about getting them myself
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