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Need New IEM Advice!

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Hey guys so just looking to get some advice on some new IEMs to get for since the holidays are coming up. Right now I'm using the Monster Pro MD Tributes and have really enjoyed what they have offered but now I'm just looking for something different while still having great extended bass, but not overwhelmingly amount or boomy bass, with clear mids and highs. I mostly listen to EDM, hip-hop/rap, R&B, alternative rock/metal and I would like them to be closed and isolate well since I will be using them on the go mostly or in public areas. I was looking into the Klipsch X10, JVC FX700, Monster Pro Coppers as of now but just seeing what you guys have to say. I appreciate the help and thanks.

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The JVC FX700 offers deep reverbing bass, crisp, clear mids and extended highs with wider soundstage(highly recommended). Other IEMs like PFE232, Heir Audio 4Ai, Sony EX1000+ZO2(highly recommended upgrade), W4R willbe clear upgrade and they all offers good bass extention.

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Hi, have you considered monoprice 8320? They are very affordable ($7) and score high on the full spectrum.

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Thanks for the replies guys, the FX700 seems to be the top upgrade on my list but i think the main problem with those is that since its open backed it leaks too much sound and I don't want to bother anyone with too much sound leakage. Also I would prefer IEMs that can be worn straight down instead of around the year, just a personal preference lol. Are there any closed back IEMs that provide the same sound signature as the FX700? Also I'm looking to spend around 200-300 on these new ones. 


With the Monoprice 8320 I've read a lot of good things about them, but I already have some MEElectronics m9 that seem to be a good pair of affordable IEMs. Do you know how the 8320s compare to the M9s by any chance? Thanks again for the advice guys.

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Thanks for the reply popcorn. But just wondering if there any IEMs that would be a direct upgrade from the MD tributes that can be straight down from anywhere 100-300. Also isolation and no sound leakage is important. Thanks again for the help guys.

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So I'm starting to look at over the ear IEMs since I've never owned a pair so I might as well give it a try. So far I've narrowed my choices to the IE80, FX700, PE232, and W4. Are there any others I should take a look at, again they would need to be centered around the bass but would like clear mids and highs as well as isolates well. The IE80 and FX700 look to my top choices is just the FX700 are open backed that may cause a problem for me since I will be using these in public areas and what not. Thanks again for the help.

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Don't over look the Earsonics SM3, I'll know on Friday how they sound but they have some of the best reviews I've read and they cost around the same price as all the others your looking at. 

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The Earsonics SM3 looks intriguing too and now that I've reevaluated how much I can spend on these new IEMs it seems a good choice. So now maybe SM3, W3, PFE112, GR07, EPH-100 are some of the ones I'm reading up on. Are there any other ones out there in the $100-$300 region that I should take a look at since the IE80, PFE232 and W4 are a little out of my price range as of now.

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