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Cowon Z2 + Fiio E11 ?

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Hi Head-Fi Community,

I have a question for you fellow audiophiles...

I actually have a iPod Touch 4gen, AiAiAi TMA-1 Studio, and Sony XB500.
Ive also ordered a Fiio E11 Portable AMP.

I'm not really happy with my iPod's SQ and I am looking towards a new MP3 player ....
Ive looked at the HM-601 and at the different players from Cowon.

I'm about to buy a Cowon Z2 and I wanted to know if this player could use an amp like the fiio e11...
If the answer is yes, witch LOD cable should I use ?

Should i keep my Fiio E11 or just send it back as the cowon player already has some nice SQ.

This is my first post/thread.
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Hey, sorry for the late reply. Only just saw the thread and welcome to head-fi (I'm new here, too...).


I happen to use a Cowon Z2 + FiiO E11 in my rig. There is no LOD cable (as the Z2 doesn't have line-out unlike Sony or iDevices), which means I'm just using the 3.5mm line-out cable supplied with the amp - it's not bad, quite compact and sounds fine). Some say this is not good practice (as LOD sounds better), but I use the E11 to extend the battery life of my player; I lower the volume on it and raise the amp's volume, and also I like the EQ switch (bass boost) for when I'm on shuffle and I jump from jazz to drum and bass.


It's not a bad setup, I like it very much and I can't tell you for sure how much better it sounds than iPods or whatever, as I've been an mp3 player person all my life, but it should make you happy. I think it sounds great.



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