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For Sale:
SOLD Audio-gd Ref-8 balanced Diamond Diff. DAC 8x 1704UK DSP-1 V5 W/ DI-V3 included

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am now considering trades, I would want another AGD DAC of lesser value like a DAC-19, NFB-3.32, NFB-17.32 etc. plus appropriate cash difference from an established Head-Fi'r with a solid Paypal history (such as myself!).
Well, I am selling my beloved to fund other interests. Original owner, perfect condition- missing one screw on the top plate (not sure where that went)- easily replaced if you care. It has the AES input changed to a second optical and one of the RCA outputs changed to another balanced XLR output (total 2 balanced outputs)- all done by Kingwa. No USB input. So the back is like the picture except for the AES is now optical and it has 2 XLR outs vs 1.
DSP-1 is version 5. To my ear, I cannot tell source differences with the DSP in play (and I use all the inputs).
Included is my DI-V3 converter for USB use. Also included is a pair of Neutrik/ Mogami XLR cables about 3' long.
This is pretty rare, Kingwa won't make a balanced DD DAC or amp anymore. This was about $1800 new, shipped.
Ships in original box.
CONUS only on this- it's huge and heavy. Paypal only. Shipping is via FedEx Ground (insured) at a cost of $40.

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