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Originally Posted by myaman View Post

Thanks Deadlovestory


I actually saw those ones but I'm interested in the volume up/down buttons as well. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

Check out the IEM aftermarket cables thread in my signature if you're looking for a cable. Microphone ones are annoying. Not many people at all offer them. My recommendation is to get a regular IEM cable, or use the one you have, and get something like this: http://www.amazon.com/BlackBox-C135-Headphones-Smartphones-Blackberry/dp/B008JNZNCK/ref=pd_cp_e_1


Their are a bunch of adapter cables that can give you the functionality of volume up or down and a microphone, but finding them in an IEM cable is difficult. The only times I've seen it from some of the custom cable makers is where they deconstruct a cable that has those features and then attach it to the IEM cable they make. Overall, getting an adapter like I mention is the best way to go as if it breaks you get another one and you don't need to replace an IEM cable. The volume rocker will only get in the way of your cable staying in it's best condition possible. Adding something in the cable gives it weak points and may mean you need to replace it more often. That's why I prefer my cable to only be providing audio to my headphones, not to a microphone as well, I use a Monster microphone adapter to have a microphone on my iPhone while I use my CIEM's.

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Hey Kenman345.


I have purchased the Westone W4's so I guess an adapter like the one you mentioned would be the only choice smile.gif


Thanks for the tip, I will look into those adapters.

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Hey, sorry if I'm necrobumping the thread, but I'm wondering if the UMC3x for $278 is a good deal for Prog/Metal/Alt/Classic Rock (ex: Yes, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Queen, Journey, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Queensryche, King Crimson, Rush, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, Soundgarden, Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains)?  

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Must. Not. Give. Up. bUMP
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Hey Xtron2112,


According to the research I did, the UM3x were recommended for those genres. However, if you go through the entire thread you will notice that the SM3 V2's and the Westone W4's were recommended over them (samples below):


"I received my SM3 V2 yesterday and thoughs might be one to checkout.  I was going to get the SM3 V2, W4 or UM3X and I went with the SM3 and I'm glad I did.  Its got a mid forward sound that's warm a detailed with really good bass along with a above average soundstage and the best 3D imaging I've heard from an IEM.


I'd say either the SM3 V2 or the W4 would be your best bet and one doesn't sound better than the other it comes down to what sound signature you like the most, the balanced sound of the W4 or the mid-centric sound of the SM3 V2.  For the types of music you listen to both are going to sound great so you have a tuff decision."


"If your willing to spend $300 or $400 the Earsonics SM3 is very very good.  They have a mid-centric sound like the UM3X and the mids are the best I've heard from the 50 or so IEM's I've listened to.  Good bass, nice crisp but not harsh treble and a very good soundstage thats wide along with an awesome 3D presentation and for $299 from a good 3rd party seller on Amazon its well worth the price.  I was choosing between the SM3 and W4 and I like the SM3 more because of the mids and the 3D presentation but both are great IEM's.  In your price range the SM3 and W4 would be the 2 best imo and Joker gave both a 9.4 in sound quality so good luck on making a choice.  There's plenty of reviews on both IEM's from other well respect Head Fi'ers in the Head Gear section so just search and research."



Now that's not to say that the UM3X's aren't good, just that the recommendations were leaning more towards the SM3's and W4's.


I haven't tried anything other than the W4's, so I can't really make any comparisons, but both the SM3's and W4's are close to the price range of the UM3x, $299 and $318 respectively (Amazon). So you could look into those as well.


Hope that helps!


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Thanks. There was a mix up though. It''s the um3rc @ $314. Is that a good deal? Fixed cables are a deal breaker since every failure I've had was due to cable failure, and it would be much more expensive to send them in repairs than to just buy new cables. Not to mention I can't find the Earsonics anywhere.

Edit: I found Earsonics @ Amazon for 299 and just remembered that they do have detachable cables. However, I do have some concerns about durability compared to the Westones as well as having to send them all the way to Europe for repairs if they do break. I'd go for the 4Rs but they're just too expensive. The fact that there are only two SMC3s left in stock isn't comforting either. Is Earsonics even is business anymore?
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Yeah looking at posts on the SM3v2 thread and apperantly they have a tendency to fall apart and the shipping and repair cost can often exceed MSRP.
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The SM64 is the replacement - Earsonics discontinued the SM3. A wee bit of controversy regarding them, though. Some love them - others think they omit certain frequencies and hence sound a bit odd. $314 is a good price for UM3XRC - they have been higher.

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Personally, I'd go for the Westone.  I have the UM3X and have similar taste in music.


It sucks not to know your own preferences, really.  It's kind of a trial-and-error process and I'm not sure someone else can tell you what you'll like. 


Depending on if your tastes are more inclined to prog than classic rock, I might be inclined to go W4 as opposed to the UM3X. 


The UM3X might be one of the ergonomically best IEMs on the market, which was a big factor for me. 

I'd be inclined to look at the T-Peos H200 if I was in your shoes, but it takes a big hit on ergonomics, IMO. 

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Yeah, ergonomics definitely matter. Main reason I'm drifting away from headphones in fact. I know these probably won't sound quite as good as Mad Dogs or M-80s, but the headband just drives me insane. Not to mention that the Mad Dogs are a pain for portable use (No I'm not gonna sell my Crazy Puppies, so don't ask). BTW are any of these as hard to drive? My iTouch 4 barely needed an amp for the Psycho Hounds. I'll still use my e11 Kilimanjaro if makes a big difference.
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Oh and BTW, how does the H200 compare to the Westones and Earsonics sound wise?
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Bumpity bump
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Ok so how does the UM3X compare to the W4R in durability and instrument separation?
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