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For Sale:
Cary Audio SEI300 Tube Integrated Headphone Amp

Will Ship To: Continental USA

UPDATE:  The amp has now been recalibrated at CARY AUDIO and one of the 300B output tubes replaced since the noise level was slightly higher above nominal for some reason.  I guess it's been sitting too long unused.  It had been recertified to original factory specs and repackaged at the factory.  I have also purchased a separate factory box for the tubes, so it will ship in two separate boxes (amp and tubes).  It is also listed on eBay and Audiogon.


This amp is approximately two years old.  I am the second owner.  I have purchased this about 10 months ago from Whiplash Audio, a Cary Authorized Dealer.  It was Craig's personal amplifier and saw very little usage.  Since I've owned it, it was used twice and it has been just sitting there unused for the past six months.  This is the primary reason for eventually selling it.


The amp is in a very conservatively stated 8/10 condition on the Audiogon scale due to some very light surface scratches in the top clear coat that's only visible at a certain angle to the light (due to dust cleaning). 



The amp has stock tubes and an optional blue top cover.  New cost for this build is $5,500.


Price includes PayPal and insuring UPS Ground shipping to PayPal Verified addresses only.  If you are seriously interested, please send me any questions you may have.  Also please note that I do not "reserve" items, so first paying customer will get the prize.

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