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I am currently experimenting with a pair of Shure SE215 earphones connected to my Musical Fidelity XCan V8 (I am actually very surprised at how the amplifier significantly improves the sound quality even from these earphones). But the Shure SE215 earphones hiss like crazy when connected directly to the XCan unless I use the Shure inline volume attenuator that comes with their adapter kit:


When using this attenuator, the hiss completely goes away.


Being impressed as I am with the above combination I am thinking of getting either the Shure SE425 or Shure SE535 for serious music listening (the SE215 are normally used for gaming on my computer and due to neck problems I absolutely must get earphones that are practically weightless) but in doing so I would probably prefer to use a more sophisticated coupling than the Shure inline attenuator. What I would thus like to know is whether this Shure attenuator works on the principle of varying the impedance load to the amplifier or otherwise maintaining a constant impedance load to the amplifier and instead varying sensitivity (i.e like the original hiss buster mentioned on these forums years ago)? I think it might be the latter but I need to know in order to know what type of "fixed" adapter I would need to get.


On that point, does anyone know a professional company / individual who would be able to make an audiophile quality, short adapter cable that works exactly like this Shure inline volume control, but has a fixed level of attentuation and consists of a 1/4 inch stereo male plug (to plug into the headphone amplifier) to a 3.5mm female jack (into which I would plug the earphones)?