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Balanced amp for Beyerdynamic T1s

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I've been out of audio for quite a while so coming back I was amazed how many choices are out there.  I've through a few sets of headphones looking for my "sound" and now have Beyerdynamic T1s/


I was looking at this all from a portable perspective as I wear these while working at home and need to get up and move around a bit...  So after not liking the "in the head" sound of the LCD2s I read a bit and ended up with a set of Beyerdynamic T1 with a 4 pin balanced plug.  So I have tried it with an O2 amp but I'm not that happy with the sound.  Not surprisingly, I'm not getting the most out of the T1s.  I bought a RSA protector thinking I would get a XLR to rsa/alo plug adapter but even that, though better, still seems not quite there.


So... I'll keep the protector for when I need to move around but I now want something for dedicated listening.


My budget is not that great, maybe $500-700'ish and I want a balanced amp with 4pin output.  I can get an Audio GD Phoenix used for about $700 but I also see a Little Dot mark VI+ or VII+.  (though I've been through the tube rolling game before and I'm not equipped financially to get into that again)  This isn't necessarily an end point but I'm wondering if there are other good options I'm not seeing out there or is either of these likely to do well.


If I can't find something, I'll probably sell the T1's and go back to LCD2s but get try the rev2 and live with the smaller soundstage or just go back down the line and try to forget about nirvana.


PS... my source is an Ipod with lossless files and an Algorhythm Solo R.




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Well I've come across the Schiit Mjolnir.   Anyone know if this will beat the Phoenix in performance?

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The Yulong A18, Matrix Quattro are pretty good for the price and they perform well in balanced mode.

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In case anyone was interested in this thread... 


I finally got an original CLAS and got the adapter to run the Protector in balanced mode and it was a revelation.  I have an SR71B in the mail for portable and for desktop I picked up a used Violectric V181 for balanced as well.


The T1's are great headphones and I can firmly reaffirm the belief that they just get better, the better the components up the line.

These things are capable of so much more than I thought when I started this thread.

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