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I have the MH1Cs, and if you tape the ports on them, and EQ down the bass, they sound pretty good. For the original $20 price I got them, they were well worth it, they're now well over $30, and I'd say that's a bit high. The biggest issue is the cable, I have no idea what animal that thing is designed to fit, but it's not human. It's also incredibly microphonic.


I would recommend the VSonics, even the GR02 Bass Edition, with a bit of EQing can sound great. I had the GR04 and loved it (make sure you get the flagship, not the classical, the flagship is being discontinued and as such is quite inexpensive: ~$50, and was once the second highest IEM in their lineup, the classical is lower end than the GR06). I really loved the GR04, but I really don't use IEMs often, so I've switched to the cheaper MH1C. My only complaint with any VSonic is the very tiniest bit of grain on the top end, it's really barely noticeable, and is better than most IEMs I've heard. The VC02 is getting great reviews. though I've never heard it.


By all accounts the Philips SHE 3580 is great, and can be had on Amazon for ~$8, if you aren't picky about color.

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Maybe the cheapest shure earphone.. Forgot the name but its like SE110/115? (something like that)

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Update. these monoprices need a burn in. Holy frick ! They sound excellent now. Initially, the entire midrange needed a healthy eq to warm them up and now harldy any is needed. Bass is still excellent and treble is very accurate. The overall phone is well balanced. Very nice.

Okay, okay.. Maybe I'll grab another pair. How long did you burn them in for?

I'm about to order some speaker wire from monoprice anyways.

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12 hours seemed to do it but let's say 24 to be safe. The mids sounded thin, distant, cold, off, initially. If some phones need burn in more than others, this must be one of them. The sound signature though even once the mids bloom is a bit different than most phones out there. Give it a chance with an open mind. Play some floyd or tull on these chris. I've never enjoyed those albums more.....or any others for that matter......and to extract all the juice from the experience, don't be afraid to reach into the sound a bit, don't expect it to come out at you all on it's own. Meet it in the middle, get out of this frickin nutty world for a few minutes a day and get into something that nourishes. Be a part of the process of music listening. Some phones force you to do this and then don't offer any real rewards once you get there, just a distant cold sound, and other phones just come out at you full force and bludgeon the nervous system with information never allowing for the listener to reach in. There's 3 different paths there. I guess everyone has a preference but at least those who want the middle path now have some options.....if this tune and angela'svoice  'does something to you' as my grandad used to say, this phone may be for you....but then again it might depend on what phone is used to listen to it.....the mono8320 has me in tears......

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Beautiful track! Sounded great on my new (to me) Polk RTA 8's.

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