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PC Speakers for watching movies?

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For games I use smily_headphones1.gif so for movies I like speakers, I was looking at the Swan M10 is that good? Any suggestions? I use a Xonar Essence STX
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A quality 2.1 setup would do ya....I have a set of Klipsch promedia 2.1 and love em, They can be hade for ~$100 on ebay and are loud enough for a party in a small apartment with great bass responce (for what the subwoofer is). If you look around to other sites you may get lucky. I scored a set of Altec 221 for $20 shipping included on a home theater site...I use these for my laptop when I watch netflix. Not as good as the Klipsch but still good for video.

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how do those compare to the Swan M10's? I ask because those Klipsch are hideous and the Swans are beautiful

I should note that space is an issue, as in this is not some home theater setup but a PC setup, think dorm friendly
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