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Headband came off? I can't see how...

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So I was fianlly getting my headset how I wanted it. Properly driven by a higher end sound-card, had the Hero mod(PC350's...), and sounded rather good all around, so I took em off, and all of a sudden one of the headband connectors came off.


I can't figure out how, either, it was fine when I put them off, I didn't see anything snap, it doesn't look to broken, I tried to take pictures...I mean I can still wear them without issue, but it's annoying, I can't figure out how to snap them back on or anything...





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Could you take another picture more like the second one, that would show the hinge side better? Your second pic is too blurry to see what the hinge looks like.

I looked at mine by turning the hinge as open as it goes and shone a flashlight there, and mine seems to have an all-metal hinge mechanism, your hinge looks to be black plastic, or did the whole mechanism come off and is attached to the hinge, not the can, just leaving that grooved black plastic stub there on the can side?

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Hopefully these are better, it's a cheap camera and I'm not to good with pictures anyways. I've no idea how it happened.


I was wearing the headset, took it off. Then, I saw it hanging. So it somehow happened while I was wearing it...I don't know,.





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Hi Mkilbride,

 I replied already in the modding thread. Basically it does not look broken to me, I did the same thing and mine are fine now, you need to take the cup apart again to get it back in place though.



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Interesting, I just opened mine up to see what the hinge looks like from the inside, and there's just a 5x2mm slit there in the cup encasing, from which I can barely see the hinge moving. Well maybe it would look more obvious if I would take the hinge apart, but I think badpod here can answer your questions better with prior knowledge, and I don't have to break mine :D

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Quoting from the modding thread:


Originally Posted by Hezer View Post

Yeah, seems like no worries there, the plastic piece keeping the hinge together seems fine on your pictures. You'll just need to disassemble that side and make sure the hinge is "locked" before you screw it back together.


Here's some pictures that might help understand what you'll need to do.

The lock piece on the hinges is highlighted here.



And it's here's the same piece on the drive enclosure when disassembled.



Ahh so that's what the 5x2mm slit was for, didn't notice that "lock" thing that goes in it. I just took mine apart again and pulled off the hinge, then put it back on and closed the cup, quite easy. So Mkilbride, your hinge must have come loose then you did the mod, as when the cup is open the lock isn't in place, and then when you were done with the mod, you put them back together but the lock didn't hit the right spot because the hinge was moved when they were open, and so it was left poorly attached - thus the hinge came off when you were wearing the headset. Good luck putting them back together, glad nothing was broken :)

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Thanks for this thread. This saved me a lot of headaches. I kept wondering how I was going to get the hinge back on. Sennsheiser wanted me to send them in lol. All good now!

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