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upgrade westone um3x

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Hello from Argentine I open this topic all because it turns out that I have a few westone um3x and want the better some listen to all kinds of music customizados not since alive where there exist no companias that devote themselves to it I have seen the following ones Westone4 Phonak pff232 Earsonics sm3 v2 Or algun different that advise me hereabouts thank you in advance regards
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The PFE 232 are definitely a upgrade over UM3x and good thing is it sound change with eartips and overall they are great sounding IEMs. The others IEMs like W4R, Hier Audio 4Ai, Sony EX1000 are also recommended.

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W4 has best ergonomics and 2 year warranty.  No brainer...

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hello again ok thanks for the advice I've been reading and watching but I can not decide on between these three

Phonak (do not think for the price and because I do not get them my contact)

Westone 4

audio heir

between the last two which choose? thanks

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I'm honestly not sure any of them are an upgrade over the UM3X. The UM3X certainly sounds quite different from the Heir 4.Ai (and from reading about the others, different from them too). Keep that in mind, since the UM3X definitely has a rather unique sound signature.

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