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HD280 Pro or MDR-7520 (Z1000?)

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Need some new sealed headphones and am looking for good isolation and a flat response. Budget is not a major concern but I'm not planning on spending more than $1000, and the less I spend, the more I have to spend on other gear - I need to get a new amp as well.


From looking at measurements and reviews online, it seems like the MDR-7520 (which are supposed to be the same as the Z1000) or the Sennheiser HD280 Pro are the best headphones for isolation and a flatter frequency response required for studio work.



Isolation and accuracy are important, so please don't recommend Denons or anything that is closed but doesn't isolate, or are tuned to sound pleasing instead of accurate.


Durability is important as well, and it looks like the Sony 7520 is one of the sturdiest headphones around with its magnesium construction. An easily replaceable cord is very useful to have as well, and it looks like the 7520 just uses a 3.5mm jack, though you would need one of their cables if you want it to lock in place.

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mdr z 1000 any day! 


you can also check on dt 1350 by beyer if isolation is important! 


and if its for studio work pick up srh 940( better than z1000 for mastering )

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The DT1350 are on-ear and I need full-size headphones. I can't wear on-ear headphones without a lot of pain, and you can't wear them at all with glasses. (most full-size are fine for me as long as the pads are soft)

It's too bad Beyer don't make a full-size equivalent for studio use because they look very good.


The Shures look interesting, but I think they are a relative newcomer that is unproven in this field (studio, not headphones) and look like they would break easily due to the cheap-looking plastic construction. Not keen on the folding design either, as that's just another point where they can break - looks more like DJ headphones than studio ones.


I've also read that they feel quite heavy after wearing them a long time?

Measured weight isn't everything when it comes to how heavy a pair of headphones will feel when wearing them all day.

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looks more like DJ headphones than studio ones.


DUDE! sounds like for you its more about the looks blink.gif  .. the best is to get beats then .. tongue.gif


the Z1000 doesnt really sound very spacious to me .. the shures are much  better for studio use, their response is kinda flat..with great treble..


you can also check out german maestros ... they have some closed sets with good isolation and comfort.. made for studio use 


the krk kns 8400 also might be worth a look though this is on an isolation perspective..

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