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Please help me indentify

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I am buying this from china, since i am studying here. This looks really real, and i have read the comment of the buyers


so i would like to share it with u guys, is the monster turbine copper cheaper now? i think this is real but is just from unauthorised dealer. Therefore no warranty. around 166 usd

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Hey mate!

I wouldn't trust it/them.

Generally monster turbines are 400$

This a too good to be true price and lets face it, 

Without the warranty, Monster products aren't worth a dime to me.

I thought they were good, but now i'm tired of their overpriced products.

I also broke mine very quick.

I would't bother!


I hope this helps!

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The GR07, UE TF10Pro are better pick under this price range and they perform very well with almost all genres music.

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