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headphones for my friend

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Hi head-fiers, a friend of mine is looking for headphones and went to me (her local headphone geek) and is looking for cans that look good, good for pop and most other genres, under 100 pounds sound amazing (she didn't ask for that but I'd cringe if they weren't) and won't deafen her (she's scared of being deaf. Thanks in advance
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ATH-M50/s fit the bill mate!

They sound great unamped and they will sound EPICALLY with one!

Hope this helps!

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KRK KNS 6400 

Shure SRH 440

Creative Aurvana Live

Koss Pro DJ100

Ultrasone HIFI 580

M-Audio Q40


The M50s are terrible, terrible value for money in the UK and EU.

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thanks for being so quick but I think you're missing out the looks, you see, how shall I put this... She cares more about fashion than sound eek.gif (I can't believe I just posted a thread asking for headphones where looks are more important than sound to the recipient!) , the good sound is just so that I don't cringe every time she puts them on, see what I mean, also I would feel guilty if they sounded awful because if she asked me to try them passing would be rude, and the facial expression I would elicit would be rude too so it's trying to avoid awkwardness (she isn't on head-fi and she doesn't care enough about headphones so she will never see this thread biggrin.gif). So looking good has to happen. I will pass these recommendations on to her and see what she thinks because it's her that decides in the end... Oh yeah they have to have amazing isolation so she doesn't think they're too quiet...  

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what about fischer audio fa-004 someone like her wouldn't notice nuances like plastic treble and rolled off sub-bass (I'm not being rude it's just she hasn't got a trained ear)
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Looks huh? I'll throw the Skullcandy Aviator in there as well then.

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Other great stylish cans: ATH-SJ5 and V-MODA M-80.
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I like what you guys are posting, I'll post which ones she chooses, I've told her to pick top three for looks then I'll deal with the sound, that way she likes the looks and I don't have to throw up every time she puts them on. Win win
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