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Brainwavz R1 or M5 or M2 or VSonic GR99 or GR02 or GR02 bass edit or Soundmagic E10 or Yamaha EMP-30 - Page 2

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I'm considering to buy one of these: soundmagic e10, brainwavz r1, m5, vsonic gr99, gr02 bass.

Which do you recommend out of these? 

I listen to calssics, rock, metal, pop-rnb, and disco too.

I've seen a lot of tests, and the conclusion is I should buy the gr02bass. Are you agree with that?

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Originally Posted by SSly View Post

I went today to a sony center and asked for the hm1c earphone. And they said, this is for only new sony phones, and with other phone or other stuff it does not work. It has a new type of jack 3.5, and its compatible with only new sony phones. No ipods or other stuff will work with that. Is this true? Or the saleman go insane? This costs at us (in the sony center) 65 usd, so its not cheap (for me). So I think he would rather be happy to sell one of these things.

What do you say about this?

If your intention is to make full use of the controls, then he is right. It only works with new sony phones.

If, however, you just want to use it to listen to music, it shouldn't have a problem working with other devices (though definitely not all).

The price is also right since you say you are getting it from a sony store.

What we have managed to discover is a bulk packaging (earphone and tips only in a small plastic bag) price that is significantly lower than retail.

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Originally Posted by soundstige View Post

Used to be true. Then MH1C got found out. MH1C is better than all sub-$75-ish Vsonic models.

Asbolute stupidness. It's by no way better than the same Vsonic GR04.

And all that hype over the forum was heated by ClieOS and some other reviewers. I am not sure by any way they've done it disinterestedly.

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And compare to the gr02bass?

I'm afraid of buying a fake sony. I'm sure the vsonic woulld be genuine.
I'm waiting a little, maybe there will be some xmas discount at us. But now i font have any time for shopping :)

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I should say get the the gr04 flagship. The gr02 bass is more impressive at first listen but its thinner note presentation and recessed mids aren't to everyone's liking and while I did find its treble almost spot-on I think the fr04 flagship is more versatile, non-fatiguing and technically superior. It would have been nice if I had received my vsonic VC02 to comment on them but I did the grave mistake of pre-ordering it, which means that I'll get it last and probably after Christmas, so now I'll say the gr04 flagship. The R1 is kinda growing on me and is pretty good for thata price range of brainwavz iems but I still can't decide what's my opinion on it compared to the vsonics and the mh1c

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VC02's is on par with mh1c if you are the type of person that doesn't like too much bass and want some speed and accuracy of a BA in a 3mm dynamic driver. LOL :) In overall package VC02's beats the hell out of mh1c specially with the build and features (removable cables are sweet)

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Originally Posted by SSly View Post



My cx400 sennheiser broke a few weeks ago, and I want a worthy replacement. I listen to calssics, rock, metal, pop-rnb, and elektric too. I think the cx400 was great for me, and I want an IEM on the same level of sound and build quality.

What do you offer for $30?


I have find some, but I dont know how good they are compare to the cx400.



Brainwavz R1 $30
Brainwavz M5 $31
Brainwavz M2 $35
VSonic GR99 $27
VSonic GR02 $32
VSonic GR02 bass edit $34
Soundmagic E10 $31
Yamaha EPH-30 $32
I have searched amazon-ebay-mp4Nation. Can you suggest any other shop to buy?
Thank you!
Sorry for my english!


OMG. CX400 TOPPED my list in my comparative review here, even compared with the hyped budge and expensive audiophile headphones in here, and I still couldn't find anything that beats them! Is there any way you could resurrect the CX400? Rewire them? Or did you drop them in the sewer like I did my CX300?


I don't know where you can get an authentic CX400 today ... anything available in the market is almost guaranteed to be fake. I'm buying another CX400 using Amazon Japan through Tenso, but it's from the marketplace so I'm still not sure. But I can compare what I get with my authentic one and see if it's genuine.


The closest to compete with the CX400 is the CX300 which is also discontinued but its rebranded counterpart is the Creative EP-630 and it's still available directly from Amazon so that's guaranteed to be genuine. Still, the CX300 is no match for the CX400. The CX300 sounds muddy compared to the CX400, and the CX400 has significantly better (more, fuller, punchier) bass.


Don't get the E10 you will regret it. I haven't tried the rest of the headphones you listed.

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is the vc-02 on par when it comes to bass punch?

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Originally Posted by Nyanman View Post

is the vc-02 on par when it comes to bass punch?

Nope - its not a basshead iem but it has enough good punchy bass to my taste. :) although I prefer this over mh1c in overall sound quality. :) Some would prefer mh1c it really depends on your music taste.

"General consensus there suggests that the highs of the VC02 are very special in that it blends the best traits of both good BA and dynamic designs - the speed, resolution and clarity of BAs with the relative smoothness and texture of dynamics. It does need deep insertion though. There is someone that prefers the VC02 over the Sennie IE80 for acoustic music (YUI - the j-pop artiste, to be exact), claiming it does not have the tizzyness of the IE80. Also, the mids of the VC02 are very pure and cleaner than the mid-centric Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3 (rated quite highly by Joker), but lacks the insight of the In-ear 3, yet the VC02 has more refined/delicate mids. (contradiction, much? - either that, or my underpractised command of Chinese is not getting it). Bass is snappy (faster than normal dynamics yet slower than BAs) and has impact but not really deep or rumbly."

According to 
Dissonant @ http://www.head-fi.org/t/635372/vsonic-vc02-info-appreciation-thread/240#post_9078278

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I listen to jazz and electronic music. So I want clarity, good bass and good guality.
I am among Brainwavz M2, Soundmagic E10, Vsonic VSD1S, RHA MA-350, and Brainwavz R1. I would like to hear your opinion or suggestion. Thanks a lot!
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