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Finally did it - q701

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So I've finally did it. After owning the ath m50, Klipsch Custom 3, AD700 and modified SR60i, I decided it was time to drop my wallet on a pair of q701 (green of course) and a fiio e10. I'm super excited though. I'll probably gonna sell off the ad700 because I really dislike them and then maybe the m50's in order to justify spending so much on one pair. They were the first headphones that I've really wanted to buy and I've been wanting them for around 3-4 years now but never could justify spending the money on them, until now. Once they arrive I'll give my first impressions. My biggest fear is that I've hyped myself up too much on them and I won't enjoy them when they arrive, since it's a bear to listen to headphones without buying them here, but fortunately Amazon has a good return policy.


I'm also really excited for the e10, since I hear it sounds fantastic. Hopefully I made a good purchase!

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3-4 years???!!,
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some people have patience and discipline . . . . or priorities and a limited budget

Enjoy the 701's smily_headphones1.gif
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I have k601s and I sometimes use them with an e10. It is a pretty solid combo - I'm sure you are going to enjoy the e10 plus the q701!

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These are amazing cans. I just re-cabled mine and I am in 7th heaven k701smile.gif

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Q701's lack of real life bass makes it rather difficult to listen, especially for classical music.

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Congrats! Let us know how it is. I recently repurchased the Q701 (used to own the K702, then sold it) after missing it for a few years. Glad I did, and also in lime green.
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I'm so excited! I got my e10 today and ran my ad700's through them with bass boost on and they sound so much better with the amp. It warms them up a bit and makes them less airy with more pronounced bass from the bass boost. If my ad700's can sound this good I can only imagine how good the q701's will sound. I'm not a major basshead, I just like it to be there, so with bass boost I'm sure I'll be more than content, even if it reduces quality a minor bit, I don't care. Also the e10 sounds tons better than my imac sound out. Now I wonder what else I have I been missing out on all this time?! Hahahaha 

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Glad to hear you like your E10! Enjoy!!! smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks! Bleh I'm getting impatient. They shipped from Denver on the 25th and still haven't arrived in Salt Lake. It's been 48 hours and it's an 8 hour drive! Arggggh haha. Well maybe tomorrow!


Edit: Just checked! They've arrived in SLC! I'll be getting them tomorrow! AHHHH

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WOW! Looks like tomorrow gonna be your big day! biggrin.gif ENJOY YOUR DAYYYYY smily_headphones1.gif
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These beasts have barely come off my ears since I got them. It's a miracle I don't take them on dates and to work! They sound so fantastic! I'm sooo happy

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Sounds like we have a very happy AKG user here! HAPPY LISTENING :D 

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I had the e10 for a while and used it with my k601s. It wasn't powerful enough to really drive them, but it is a solid little amplifier. Recently mailed it off to my brother as a holiday gift. He's a grado guy though - no akg coolaid. 

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Well it's been a few months. I'm proud to say, I've still been drinking the AKG Koolaid and still loving the q701's. They are FANTASTIC. Everything I ever dreamed of. Now I'm considering the t50rp's to have a good can that's closed. I'll mod them up quite a bit haha.

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