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Cable advice?? help!

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So I just got my Klipsch X10i's today, and so far I'm pretty impressed.


(By the way has anyone else noticed that with high-volume the bass molds right into the vocals, and becomes very distorted? are mine defective?)


Does anyone have any good cable-mods or tips to prevent my cables from cracking/splitting in high-stress areas?  I don't really want to gobb electrical tape all over the joints... not on a $300+ pair of headphones...


thanks guys

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I suppose you could always get in touch with btg-audio to see if they can do anything with regards to detachable cables.

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X10 start distorting a lot earlier than other IEM's. It's a known trade of them. Mine were the same and during my research before buying I read others with the problem. In short "they don't go very loud before distorting'

As for the strain reliefs spiting (which will happen) I was thinking use some heat shrink and cover the strain relief carefully. that would indeed seal them and offer some protection, you can get in black or any colour you desire very cheap. Slide the X10 housing through the tube then shrink it around the strain relief.

Something like this.... if you do choose such a route be VERY careful when heating the shrink.

If anythings going to give out on X10 it's there and the thin cable.
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heat shrink is an awesome idea, thanks a lot you guys!

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