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HE-400 Refund

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I recently bought the HE-400 from head-direct, and due to some comfort issues + me wanting to upgrade, I want to get return the HE-400.


I have some questions about the process, so I contacted customer support through the website but got no reply yet so I figured I would ask you guys here.


1. How will I return the headphones?


2. Is it a full refund?


3. What do I need to include with the return package?



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They have a 30 day return policy if I'm not mistaken.

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Originally Posted by DairyProduce View Post

 I want to get return the HE-400.

Hi, please email to Customer service there will send you the procedure for refund.

According to the warranty policy, Head Direct provides a 30 days refund, shipping cost is unrefundable.

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