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Foobar skips at the end of every song

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I have my USB DAC connected to my Win7 HTPC running foobar in DS mode. Every song skips at the end. It's a weird thing. When the track is about to finish (about 5 left) its skips and goes back a few seconds and does it again. It's almost like a broken record for any of you who remember those days. I've tried playing with the buffer but no luck. Does anybody have an idea of what's going on?

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Have you tried switching to WASAPI in push mode? 

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Try running the DPC Latency checker on your system. If you google it you should find that tool. When the skips happen, see if you can witness a corresponding leap in latency. If you do, then some other program on your system is interfering with the audio. If nothing like that happens, then at least you can rule out programs and see if you can solve the problem some other way.
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Originally Posted by PleasantSounds View Post

Have you tried switching to WASAPI in push mode? 


I don't see PUSH mode available. I put it in WASAPI USB DAC and still does the same. I also downloaded DPC Latency and it says it should be able to handle it without a problem.
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Event and Push modes are only available on the WASAPI 3.0 component version. If you don't see those options, you're likely using version 2.1. Grab the latest version here: http://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_out_wasapi

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You da man!!! Wawapi 3.0 on PUSH solved the problem. Like Blood, Sweat and Tears used to say: You've Made Me So Very Happy...LOL BTW what's the difference between PUSH and EVENT. I never tried EVENT since PUSH sounds great. 

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Glad to see you got your issue fixed :)


Technically speaking, Event mode is a more compatible mode that works with a wider range of devices, especially external devices. Sound quality wise, it's debatable, but you shouldn't find any audible differences, given that they're both bitperfect output methods.

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I suggested Push mode as it's likely that Windows uses the Event mode when you set Foobar to DS, and your symptoms were consistent with what could go wrong if your DAC does not fully support the Event mode.

The difference between Push and Event boils down to which side controls the transmission. In Push mode it's your PC, in Pull it is the DAC. Push is the older method and therefore is more likely to be well supported by external devices.

Event would be the preferred mode, IF it worked correctly for you. Give it a go, but most likely the stuttering will be back (hope I'm wrong).

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Both modes work well. Thanks everybody.

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