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So I pulled the trigger on the HD700s - mostly because I have been bitten by the headphone bug again with the purchase of the M50s (for the office) and the K550s from home. This got me thinking about how little I actually listened to the 702s even after having bought them twice!! Now they are for sale again!!


That said, I loved the giant soundstage of the 702s but listening to the 550s really reminded me how much I love to hear a bit more bass. Now I know that is technically "cheating" as the closed back would create more bass impact, but nonetheless, I like being able to use one headphone for whatever I want to listen to. Sure, the 702s are great with classical, acoustic, jazz and detail-oriented music but I often like to hear a little dance, R&B or hip hop and these were just TOO neutral for my tastes.


Enter the HD700...


Now like a good doobie, I've read the threads far and wide. The good and the bad. I've looked at frequency graphs and still I took the leap with fingers, toes and eyes crossed.


What am I hoping for? Open soundstage, detail and separation (but not too much so it does not "gel" together), not overly picky about amps and pairings, fairly easy to drive so I can potentially use my RSA SR-71A amp, forward mids, more bass impact (but no beats pro here), and a warmer but not overly colored presentation than the 702s - basically a headphone that can play 90% of my music library without sounding like I should have swapped them out halfway. Seeing as though they do not have the uber detail of the HD800s or the sometimes described as "too rich" and bass-muddy colorings of the HD650, I am hoping these hit the nail on the head as for what I am looking for.


Now, since I have to wait till Thursday of next week to hear them, can anyone let me know if I just wasted 1K?!?!  How about its pairing with the CanAmp?


(if so, please break it to me gently)


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