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Elliptical profile IEM tips

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Recently, I've got one of those relatively good IEMs included with Samsung mobiles. The IEM itself wasn't that superb (relatively ok, with balance reminiscent of more subbass version of Brainwavz M2 and much worse fit - large driver bulge), but one of the tips is plain perfect for other 4+mm nozzle IEMs.


It's called the elliptical medium sized soft silicone - it is small size at one diameter and medium size at the other. Where can I get more of such tips?

Usual silicone tips are circular profile... I can provide pics for comparison if necessary.


(The "Samsung" generic tips are just a bit too short.)

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Indeed Klipsch makes some oval tips, but these are very small nozzle (2mm?). Not to mention they envelop the IEM, requiring long nozzle or preventing deep insertion. Also, further part of their biflanges is circular.


Abovementioned ones fit anything >3mm and have a stem. Not too long, just as long as the tip itself - it's single flange.

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