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Need Reccomendations. $1000 for a small room setup.

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Hey guys,


I have around $1000 to get a new audio setup. I live in an apartment and need something for my room. I am brand new to the topic and am told I need a turntable, preamp, sub, and speakers. I also understand you need a cartridge but the table I am looking at comes with a Ortofon 2M Red.


The turntable I want is a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon White. 


Let me know what I should get for the rest. I just have a small room so the speakers don't need to shake the building! Thank you!

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The joke might be on me, but why did you post that on a full-size headphones forum?

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I could not find a place to post it and checked where other people were putting set up posts.

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Maybe try something like http://www.stereo.net.au/


The people here are more inclined to give you advice on a $1000 headphone setup.

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i honestly dont know much about hi-end speakers. But what i do know is in the value section everyone is raving about these pioneers (dont let the price fool you) 


a well reviewed cheap amp would be this dayton amplifier


I'm not familiar with turntables, but if you end up needed a DAC look no further than the ODAC


You'll probably need speaker wire. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, there is no difference between $2000 silver wires and coathangers. Needless to say, a great value on speaker wire can be found at monoprice


As for a turntable, These audio technica turntables are amazon's best rated. Audio technica is a well respected brand among head-fiers here as well.

1. Cheaper

2. More expensive


Hope this helps!

P.S. If you wish to dive into the realm of DIY speakers, check out Paul Carmody's Amiga. He is a very well respected speaker designer and claims that these rival 3 figure speakers. 

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