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Ok so I want to buy some ATH-M50's and went on to amazon. I checked out the first 1st and 2nd buyer on the list. The first doesn't show the price but after adding it to the cart its 113 the same as the 2nd seller. I just want to know whether you guys think I could be receiving fakes or not. Thanks
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I would take the price listed one.

You'd avoid any suprises and the other seller has good feedback.

Enjoy your ath-m50's!

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Alright thanks for the advice biggrin.gif they'll be shipping out on Monday. It's about time I replace my old sennheisers
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You will have a great time!

These are all around good headphones.

Will you get an amplifier?

You don't need it but it will make them shine!

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Thanks I'm excited, can't wait for them to get here biggrin.gif
And no, I was planning on buying one to use just at home. Do you think this one would be good?
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