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Poll Results: Sony MDR-V6 vs Creative Aurvana Live!

  • 34% (22)
    Sony MDR-V6
  • 50% (32)
    Creative Aurvana Live!
  • 14% (9)
63 Total Votes  
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Thank very much for your reply dante. Actuallyi would love to have both and maybe in a near future i will have both, but for now i can only choose one. The aurvanas were my first choice but like i said i want good bass but what i really want is a good, clear and detailed sound with a subtle touch of forward treble for the synths, and it seem that the aurvana are a little warm and bass heavy. Since i already own a pair of akg k 518 i need to get something different since they are very warm and dark sounding and have too much bass for my likings.

Do you think in this case the v6s would be a good buy for 50 pounds or do they get cheaper? They are even cheaper than the aurvanas right now.

I am buying them via amazon uk. I dont have to wory about fakes since i am buying on amazon they will be legit right?

And as a all rounder what do u think of the v6? To play other things like, foster the people, alt j, artic monkeys, florence and thd machine, ellie goulding... Will they be allright?

Thank u
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Synth is usually used for riff in the midrange, or the bass. The lower treble does come forward on the V6 as you turn up the volume. The V6 is also said to be dark by some becuase of it's recessed mids.


I think it's a great buy at £50 and i don't think they'll get cheaper. I bought mine on Amazon UK too (from Plus Digital UK), but returned it due to it being faulty (detailed in my review), now i'm about to order the replacement. I too was researching the CAL (and many others) but i'm wary of its build.


There are fakes on Amazon of some products, but thanks to the reviews it's more easily noticed if a seller sells fakes; look for the 1-3 star reviews, i haven't seen anyone reporting fake V6s.


The V6 has a very little soundstage, you're music will sound ok, i suggest you read the reviews at least on head-fi.

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What are you planning to buy now? Not returning to the v6's? Do you think that u really were unlucky with ur unit? The only thing that bugs me at first sight are the wires near the joints because with my kinf of luck i would not be surprised if i accidentally cutted the wires sometime... But overall they seem very well built and many people praise them for that... So soundwise and as an overall performer that is going to play specialy nowadays music... Are they a good buy? Would you recomend them as a good Headphone?


By the way, this is will be my first buy... I dont know if u are brit but if u are, did u ever ordered something form the american amazon? I am asking this because sometimes things are cheaper os amazon.com but i would like to know if u have to pay some kind of additional fees since we are buying products form different continents (I am portuguese an i total noob in this kind of things sorry to bother... XD )?

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I ordered a second V6 hours ago, i'll see in a few days. I don't know how you would cut the cables. Studio monitor, so i guess it'll reproduce music without much coloration, for £50 you have few choices, i've answered the rest before.

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Guess what... Now i am in a even bigger dillema now... I was waiting for the Aurvana's to get cheaper and just found out that on the German, French and Spanish Creative online stores they are at 49,90 and no Shipping fees... XD


So basically i have to choose beteween the V6's at 57 euros or the Aurvana's at 50... I would buy both but its not really the best time for me to do so... But if i could i would because of all the hype this cans recieve... I am even thinking of maybe selling my akg K518's So i can use the money to buy one of these...

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Get the currencies right, the V6 is £50. You can return items to amazon.co.uk for 30 days and you get a full refund if it's in mint condition, so if you can afford it you can buy both and return one.
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its actually no a bad idea... But i dont know if i feel right doing that... :-)
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I really aprecciate the suggestion and i know this should not be a deciding factor but i really think the shure's are kind of ugly... XD

But in terms of SQ from what i read the v6 and the shure's both are very praised. They are very compared with each orher en many thread and theres is not a a clear winner between this two from what i read. 


I think i am gonna have to buy the v6's for now. I got really pissed beacause i can only order the Cal!'s from the portuguese vreative store (stores from other countries do not deliver in portugal) and they are at 80 euros right now and even on amazon they are at 65 euros.


57 euros for the V6 does not seem like a bad buy... I am only afraid from their impedance since they will be driven from my ipod touch and i have no amp... :(

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Amazon's return policy is for such reasons, no questions asked. It only has to be in best condition and you'd have to pay the return postage.


If you had done you're homework you would know it doesn't need an amp and wouldn't have to ask every single detail.




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Originally Posted by TheReem View Post

Stretch to $70-75 and get the shure 440 which are miles above both headphones in SQ.

Hi, do you think think Shure 840 is even more miles above the 440 and CAL?

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Thank you all for ur sugesttions but i rally would like to choose between only one of the se 2 since i can get them for about 50 euros. So for what i said and since they will be only used for music listenig through my pc or media players such as my nexus 7 or my ipod touch, wich one do you think it is the better choice? Thank you once again...

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I love the CAL! and have been using them far more than any of my other headphones.  Its been years since I listened to the V6, so I don't think I can give a good head to head comparison, but they didn't have the warmth of the Aurvana, or the same impact in the bass.  The Sony was, and still is a very good headphone though.


If you are rough on your equipment, I'd lean more to the Sony V6, as it can take a lot more punishment. 

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The CAL! is a very good all-rounder. Only the build quality is a bit turning off. I had 2 pairs and none of them could last longer than 8 months.

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Bit are the v6s good for músic listening only? I am really interested in them since many people say they are great for música listening but others say they are not good for that purpose and they should be only used for editing and things like that. The aurvana were always my first choice because of all the hype, they havê a very nice appearence and are really praised. My concern is the bass. I havê a pai of akg k518 and they are really base heavy so i need some headphones with good bass but no too much and a balanced sound with some sparkly highs when needed.
Makiawa did you use them até home? I am going to use the at home mostly.
Dante thank and sorry for the bother onde again but have ur v6s arriver? When they do leave ur impressiona please if u dont mind of course.
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The V6's are my primary listening headphone. That said, if you listen to poor quality audio a lot, you might want to stay away since the V6 makes bad quality audio sound BAD. I sometimes listen to amateur YouTube stuff with my old Panasonic HTX7's since they are more forgiving. 

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