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Samsung Galaxy camera

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Samsung have released a superzoom camera version of the Galaxy SIII. Apparently it has a headphone jack. This looks like a good superzoom camera, android device and DAP player all in one. I wonder if it uses a Wolfson DAC.
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Artmuzz,I did not understood which kind of device you are talking about.Perhaps a phone,as you mentioned it is an Android device too?I am kind a curios of how much it's camera worth to be "Super zoom".

Last device i have been disappointed was their last dap,which i am not sure it has been released yet-the 5.8 media player-which did not convinced myself due to it's specifications.

The hot lady you use as avatar has always intrigued me.who's she?


Edit:Yoh i did found it!quite interesting though.I guess it's release price should not be for less than 500 bucks.I just could not make any prediction as i don't live in the US so i don't know how are the averages price for cameras.For sure i know in Brazil the price will three or four times the price in EU and US.The best i could do is go to Paraguay and find it at less price.

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