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Replacing my Cowan S9

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Hello everyone,


Been a while since I've been at this forum as I have been quite satisfied with my setup for a while. However, after having used my Cowan S9 for a few years its time for something else. The main issue I have is that my 16GB isn't enough anymore, it hasn't been for a while.. but now I've decided I need to do something about that.


Therefore I'm looking for something with at least 64GB. Even though I have used the S9 for quite a while, there were a few things I really found annoying. The user interface and overal navigation just left a lot to be desired. 


Especially browsing through albums and artists is something I didn't quite like. I would like to have something more towards the system that the Ipod Touch uses. Also the random/shuffle feature was annoying as it wasn't actually random. It made a list which then kept repeating itself in the same order.


I'd like to be able to use it with my Beyerdynamic DT770's (80ohm) as well, which my Cowan S9 did very well I thought. I've tried to Ipod Classic lately, was quite disappointed with how it sounded and I don't like the control wheel either.


I've been looking around for a new player, but I can't seem to find anything that really suits me. I was hoping perhaps you'd have some ideas or suggestions.



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Its difficult to find good quality and high capacity players. I used to have a Cowon S9 and I didn't really like it much. I agree with you about Apple's Classic, its not really intended for use with the sort of over the ear headphones you have. You've probably heard of Cowon's X7 but that has many negative reviews. It's a HDD based player with upto 160GB but with Cowon's awkward UI, a low res difficult to use touch screen as well as being fairly large. Its main problem is if you let the battery drain it needs to go back to the factory. For real SQ these days you need to get your soldering iron out ie. mod a player to get digital out, then into a Cambridge Audio DAC and a good amp. Teclasts T51 has great sound quality (much better than an S9) but is unavailable outside China, has a poor UI and not the capacity you are looking for. It does have a microSD port which accepts 32GB cards. Thats really the only way to go with manufacturers being unprepared to offer durable high quality and high capacity players. The Cowon J3 has expansion facilities also but with the Cowon UI. People do create custom UIs for Cowon players so that might be a solution. I am curious about Cowon players but don't actually like them. This is not only because of their UIs but ironically due to their long battery lifes. Quality HiFi grade electronics consumes power resulting in short battery life. Obviously with many people using iems manufacturers have been able to extend the life of even small batteries. The cost of this is that quality over the ear headphones start to notice the compromises that inevitably are made. Bass and percussion amplification uses I suspect a lot of battery power. The old 5th gen iPod Classic gives similar SQ to the S9 and is available used in up to 80GB form. It is a common problem and difficult to resolve until some manufacturer makes a high capacity SSD based player with decent sound quality. Until then it's prise the back off your player.
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If you want loud and great soundquality DAps then try some Sony new S series, Z (64GB) series and F (64GB) series walkmen and they all sound great and improve well with AMPs help through WM-Port. The others DAPs like HiFiMan HM_601, HM_602, Samsung Galaxy 4.2(get very loud if install Neutron, Power AMPs APPs), Yamaha Archos DAPs are also recommended.

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Thanks for the input, I guess options really are limited.. 

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My Cowon S9 button broke. I used that as an excuse to get a new DAP. Been using the HM601 for the past few days. So far it's a VERY clear upgrade. But i do miss the S9 interface and the HM601 isn't very gym friendly.

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