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Help with $30 or less ultra headphones

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Hi all,


I am looking for headphones that aren't too costly, so I've gathered a bit of information from this forum.


Panasonic HTF600-S
Incipio F38
Superlux HD681
Koss KSC75


I think these four are popular for their price to quality ratio.


About what I want in a headphone,


Sound Leakage (both ways) = not a problem
Comfort = don't care
Portability = doesn't matter

Build (looks & durability) = non-issue


I guess, so I am looking for an opinion that weighs sound quality more over convenience.


I'll be using them for music only; I listen to classical, soundtracks (no vocals, mostly sad songs) of games, movies, tv shows, anime, etc.

They don't have a lot of bass, but it is nice to hear when a track has some. With that said, I am fine even with zero-bass headphones.


I'll be summarizing some of the cons which I particularly didn't like:


HTF600 - not very detailed sound

F38 - slightly recessed mids

HD681 - 'trebley'

Koss KSC75 - spend a bit more and you can get a better sounding one


I'll decide on Monday morning. Please help!


Also, is the Forte F38 the same thing as NX-100 F38?



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Koss UR-40
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Koss KSC-75, one of the best headphones of all time in the under "$50" bracket.

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As a owner of the HTF-600 these probably wont be for you, you can get something better for your needs.

If you don't care about comfortablility, bass, soundstage (Usually for gaming) then yeah go for something else.

Don't own any others on your list so cant help you there.
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Monoprice 8323 best bang for your buck!


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