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Portable Amp Recommendations

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I just got a pair of V-Moda LP2's and I was looking to get my first portable amp. I listen to Trance, House, Techno and occasionally Rap. I was looking for an amp under $125. I want the amp to make the music have better quality not to make it louder.I will be using with an IPod Nano 4th Gen. I was also wondering whether any other equipment will be needed other than the headphones and the amp. Thanks so much.

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Originally Posted by fatmboy View Post

I want the amp to make the music have better quality not to make it louder.


That is not the purpose of an amplifier. It's there to "AMPlify" the signal and make it louder.


In your case here the 4th Gen Nano is a good source but it also depends on what kind of files you have it loaded with, 128K MP3's will sound bad no matter what amp, DAC, or source they are played through. Higher bit rate files 320K MP3's, 256K AAC's, ALAC etc... will give you the best sound from that Nano.


Here is a great place to start looking at amps if this is what you still want.


Sub $100 Portable Amps.


Sub $200 Portable Amps.


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You will also need a LOD (Line Out Device) cable to connect the Nano to the Amp. The FiiO L9 is a good little LOD to start with, this will give you better sound than headphone out to line in will. The LOD also provides a set volume level, so all you have to do is adjust your desired listening level only from the Amp itself.


Then you'll need a way to keep the Nano and Amp together, Silicon Bands, Sticky Velcro and O-Rings are some of the methods used around here.



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Thanks TrollDragon.
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Wait for the new Fiio E12
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Any price on the E12 yet?

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I think it was going to be $120-130 or something like that
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That would be an excellent price.

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Hi everyone!
Thinking of buying a pair of Beyer dt770/80ohm pros. I'll almost 100% of the time be listening through my iPhone 4s. Do I go for the fiio e11 or c&c bh? Both seem to have a following on here! Thanks for any help smily_headphones1.gif Jess
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C&C BH gets high marks here and has more power & battery life. That would be my choice.

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Even over waiting for the new fiio e12?
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I don't know anything about the E12, except it has a ton of power... Check the reviews here though, your choice, or maybe have a look at the JDS Labs C5...

But for the E11 vs BH question, go BH.

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Ok, that's really helpful. The BH amps seem pretty hard to get hold of in the uk but there's just one for sale on amazon so maybe I should snap it up...it's being sold for £60, does that sound about right?...

I think the JDS labs c5 is a bit out of my price range frown.gif Sad Jess.
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Everyone here seems to buy from pollychen on ebay... his is 65 with free shipping.




Don't forget to post your experience with the amp in the C&C BH Thread if you pick it up!


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Have you checked out the E07K Andes?  I read a review else where and it seemed to get a good amount of favorable reviews.  I don't think I've read one that spoke negatively of it.

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