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hello every one, as you can see im a newbie here,

i was searching for new headphones for my self did a research for almost 1 month , read every single tread in this forum,

ended up with beyerdynamics DT990 PRO 250ohms got them for 160$ ....

love the sound, 

after that started to search for an Headphones amp, and i got the Fiio E11


well now starts the problem, its portable, so the battery ending some times in the middle...

and there is little hiss on higher volume.


the headphones connected right now to a crappy onboard scoudcard (realtek)

my asus xonar D1 brokedown...


what i would like to know from you guys 

what i can do to improve the quality, but not to get broke down the road smily_headphones1.gif  - 100-150$ or maybe there is a good deal ?

 (gaming,movies, music\metal\rock)


is there a good DAC\AMP?

or just to go for a better AMP?

and what does the Tube help for?do i need it?


thank you !

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