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New DT770's, problem with the fit

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Hi Head-Fi


My first post here, usually I am able to find out what I need from searching the forums, but with this I couldn't... 


I very recently bought a pair of BeyerDynamics DT770 Pro 80 Ohm for use as all-round headphones. I chose them because I wanted closed cans with a powerful bass for immersive gaming/movie-watching without sacrificing too much in terms of clarity/mids/soundstage, and they seemed to fit the bill perfectly for my budget. 


But when I first plugged them in I was quite disappointed. They sounded thins and just seemed to lack bass. I compared them to my M50's, and the bass on the M50's sounded so much better. At first I thought maybe my Profire 610 wasn't quite enough to drive them, but after playing around with them a bit I realise the problem seem to be the fit. 


The upper part connect well with my head, but there is a very small gap between my head and the lower part, so they sort of sit on my head in a slight, slight inverted V-shape. Something like this: /O\ (very exaggerated, but just to try and give an idea). If I press just a little bit on the bottom part of the headphones to create a good seal, suddenly the bass appears in all it's glory and they sound great. 


I've read a lot of posts about the 770's and have not seen anything about this, and I really don't think I have a weirdly shaped head, so this issue completely surprised me. I'm wondering  now, has anyone else encountered this problem? Is it something that will go away as the cushions soften up, or can it be fixed with a small modification?


I am now trying to decide if to send them back, any help would be highly appreciated. 



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Very weird. Never heard of someone not being able to get a seal with the DT770.


Can you take a photo of the headphone from a few angles for us to look at?

And really, even if you're not willing to share on the internet, take a photo of yourself wearing it and look at it, see where it's not working right.


Very best,

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If apple made those headphones the problem would be your head. :D

I sort of know what you are talking about though as I use the 770s, try extending the bands out a bit - to the point just before the inside of the cup touches your upper ear. That worked for me.

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 Thanks a mill for the fast reply guys! And lol @ the Apple comment :D


I'm at work now, but I will try to get a few pictures when I get home in a few hours. I did try to extend the headbands, but I found that in order to get a decent seal I had to extend them to the point where they sit to low. But I will experiment a bit more when I get home. 


Again, thank you so much for your help. I do really love the sound out of them when they sit properly, so I would be sad to give them up because of this. 



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Hi again, 


It seems I do not yet have permission to attach files/images (although I did give my girlfriend a good laugh when she caught me in front of the mirror posing with my headphones on, trying to take pictures). 


In any case, I've been playing around with them a lot for the last hour, and it seems I just cannot get a good fit. No matter how I try to position them, there is a gap left at the bottom, just behind my ear, and that seems to suck out the bass. Seems they are just too big for my ears. They do sound really good in the mids and the highs. and the separation is great (a world of difference compared to the M50's), but I just don't get that extra kick (I would call it the 'umphf' factor) out of the bass that I was looking for. I've been testing them with some songs I know to be very bass intensive (Sunn 0))), Pendulum), and the low bass just isn't there. So I'm leaning towards returning them. 


Perhaps I am changing the topic too much from the original subject now, if so I apologize, but would anybody have a recommendation for a pair of headphones with a similar sound? I am looking for something with a quite powerful bass to give that 'cinematic' feel to games and movies, but that doesn't sacrifice too much in terms of mids and clarity. I just came into a bit of extra cash, so I can extend my budget up towards  €400 (about $500 I think). 




p.s. I am fairly new to the world of high end audio, so apologies for any mixup with terminology... 

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Just a quick update after spending some time with them this weekend. I think the cushions are gradually softening up a bit, they were quite stiff out of the box, and this seems to alleviate the issue a bit. So perhaps with a few more days of wearing them, they will be perfect. 


I am still not sure whether they are a sufficient upgrade from the M50's for me to keep them, I might just send them back and get the Ultrasone Pro900. 


Thanks again for the replies and help, was my first post here so was a bit nervous...

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