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For Sale: Sennheiser Momentum - brand new

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For Sale:
Sennheiser Momentum - brand new

Will Ship To: Canada and US

I picked these up yesterday at a special VIP event at Future Shop, because I was given such a good price I figured if they didn't work for me I would be able to pass on the savings to someone else.

While I love the luxury of the headphone and enjoy it's signature, the on ear design and my glasses don't get along even though it is one of the most comfortable on ear headphones I have tried.

So I managed to get these for only $241 and will sell them for the same price plus shipping. I will not negotiate on the price though as the price is very good and I am just trying to pass on some savings to someone else. If anyone living in Calgary is interested I would be willing to meet and save them shipping costs.

If I have no takers by the weekend I will simply return to the store for a refund.
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