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I would like to Thank to everyone who added and posted on this forum.

            I am new here and it was realy helpful to reed reviews, comments and different opinions. I have Sensaphonics 2X-S about year ago one of the shells after 5 years broke two months later my Ultimate ears UIEM broke too. So no money in pocket I started listen what I had. I pod headphones later Superlux rip off of Bayerdynamic Dt 770 . Started researching UIEM. Got to the point where I was no longer interested in listening music with those headphones. I have purchased Etymotic HF 5. 


            I got a best seal with foam tips and o boy was I in for surprise :-). I am not gonna go to any details it is been said million times how they sound. Foam tips wear quite quick. After 2 week I have notices sound changes due offcourse worse seal. New bag of 5 pairs foam tips is 25 euro. I told myself that I should get a custom sleeves for it from ACS. 


           Found a dealer in Dublin. Went there and took my old Sensaphonics with me to find out if they could reshell them. And they said yes :-). I was told by technician 2 week. I was in for big surprise when I got a call 2 days later that I can pick up my old/new IEMs. Paid 250 Euro that is ear impressions included in price.So now I have Sensaphonics/ACS IEM


            Put them in and o boy another surprise they fit even better the original ones. Sound is just unbelievable. 


   Now I am back in business of listening music the way it is supposed to be heard. I still wanna upgrade my player but that is another story. Any suggestions are welcome.


                 Thanks to everyone who posted, reviewed and made comment on this great forum.