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Hello Head-Fi!


Today I'm just not really feeling like that my knowledge on setting up sound software (like equalizers, boosters, compressors, spatializers etc.) would work for my relatively cheap setup, as most of what I've read seems to be for MUCH higher end equipment. I'm sorry if any of this sounds n00by or if I was in too much of haste to post but I can't really find something that can make these things sound somewhat better than their out-of-the-box setups.


So here are my things that need improvement:



Setup: Intergrated Realtek HD-> Windows 7+Winamp-> Logitech speaker box thingy (probably doesn't do anything except control volume on speakers and switch over when the 3.5 jack is unoccupied)-> Compact TDK ST-150s... meaning to upgrade these, but my birthday isn't till 1st Feb and I've spent enough on christmas


Should I ditch the ST-150s and use my In-Ears (listed below?) I generally listen to electronic things like Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Lemonjelly, Lorn, Pendulum,  but things like the Black Keys, Dragonforce and some older stuff like Queen and Toto are mixed in... it's kinda hard to explain it.


I just need a way to add some clarity and bass to this without clipping or muddifying the whole thing as whenever I apply enhancements it either goes quiet for low end boosting, or not pronounced or really shrill for treble enhancements. As far as I can tell the mid is fine to my taste. It's a really hard balancing act. The windows default sound driver is boosting bass and doing loudness eq. Is that wrong or should I set these to whatever?


Winamp is using MAD encoder and Enhancer 017, should I be using different software? What settings?


Also, I personally don't have really any at all (getting a part-time job next year, I hope) but what would be a suitable upgrade path that's not stupidly expensive for that kind of money, and not easy to destroy? USB? 3.5?

My brother reccomends the MS Lifechat LX-3000, he has a driver mod that gives it REALLY great sound to my ears and his mic-chat in TF2 is generally clear, but should I get a second opnion?


Okay now here is the sad part, my phone that sounds better than my desktop:

HTC Incredible S

ROM: Jellybean Evolution (Blindbean), I'm switching to IceColdSanwich later

DSP Effects: DSP manager (Compressor off, Bass High, Equalizer fairly level with some low end and high end, loundness eq off, Room simulation off)

Player: Google play music (can't really buy Poweramp, suggest free players please?)

In-Ears: Philips Music Colours Blue (SHE3582... I think)


Nothing more really needs to be improved on the phone, except that the sound is a little to far inside my head, there's not a lot of space between left and right channels unless the song has say like, a guitar completely on the right or left with it's very quiet echo on the other side. Is there anyway to remedy this or am I worrying about nothing?




Thanks for your time, I took some time to read the glossary and the posting guidelines beforehand but please tell me if I've done something wrong.