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TruStudio Pro Surround Sound VS CMSS-3D?

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Well, my PCI-E SOundcard is not working, even with an extension cable. So I feel kinda left out...the card somehow, has managed to die, even thought it worked months ago before I put it in storage. I can't say.


Anyways, it seems Creative's latest offerings no longer have CMSS-3D for some reason, but instead TruStudio Pro, which is kinda new. It's by THX though, so it doesn't sound like it'd be junk.


But I get mixed opinions.


I mainly plan to be using the soundcard for my headset & gaming.


I figure TruStudio Pro has been out long enough now for a informed opinion to exist. You see, there is a sale and I can get a Titanium HD USB Soudncard for 70$.




It also comes with an Amp for my headset, which I need, somewhat, to drive my PC350's.


Just wondering how the positioning sounds VS CMSS3D?



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The X-Fi HD USB and X-Fi Titanium HD are two totally different products, and if you're considering an X-Fi product at all, the internal sound cards are the ONLY way to go because the USB ones don't have the EMU20k1/20k2 DSP and thus also don't have Game Mode or Audio Creation Mode. The former is what you really want for CMSS-3D Headphone.


I'm of the stance that CMSS-3D Headphone sounds significantly better for positioning than THX TruStudio Surround, both out of the Titanium HD (using Entertainment Mode, as that's the only mode that lets you use the THX TruStudio suite) and out of a Recon3D USB. Still, those are my conclusions made with my ears and HRTF.

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I want a internal soundcard, but I only have one PCI-E x1 slot open, and my current sound card does not work, and I think the PCI-E may be broken, you can read more on this here:






The card goes in, it lights up, it's detected by Windows, though the light is very dim compared to how I remember it. I install the driver software and it's green across the boards, except no audio comes from the card...and if I try twisting my headset jacks, I can make it hum abit, but that's it. Windows shows the little bar going up and down, i;e, but I hear nothing. I've tried disabling my HDMI audio, the onboard disabled or not disabled, and various tweaks.


I can't imagine what would be causing it.  I even bought a Riser cable, just to make sure the sound card was fully in. The free PCI-E x1 slot is right next to my CPU cooler and slightly covered even, so I had to push it back and kinda jam the card in original. The Riser cable helped with this(Except finding a place to put the damn card), but it ends up not working.


If I watch the card direct, I can see the little X-Fi light flickering, getting brighter and dimmer at random. It sounds like a power issue.


But I have a 850HX PSU from Corsair...my power meter shows I am drawing 575w with my system. So I have plenty of free power. I checked my Bios for settings, but didn't see anything.


It worked before I started using NVIDIA HDMI audio, I took it out and set it on a desk and left it there for months where it was left undisturbed, so not sure what broke it.


I might consider a new Sound Blaster Z series. Trying to decide between the Zx and Z. I don't need the ZxR. Zx looks about what I'd be willing to spend max. But these don't have CMSS3D, either.

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I would guess the sound card is broken.

Have you tried removing the card and deleting the drivers, then putting the card back in and do a fresh driver/software installation?

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I removed the card and re-seated it, several times. I imagine if something was truly wrong...the card wouldn't appear in Windows as A-OK, but I'm not to sure. I feel like it's a power issue, but I got plenty to spare...so that leaves the PCI-E slot as faulty, but I can't try my other without removing my other GTX670 and that's alot of work due to the way my setup is...


As for the drivers, I've uninstalled them...used driver cleaner, and reinstalled them. I had to due this because when I put the card back in my PC, it kept constantly rebooting for no reason, just the screen would go black, even if I turned my HDMI audio off / removed the connection. So I uinstalled my old drivers, driver swept, and installed the new ones.


The latest PAX drivers is what I have now.



I uninstall the drivers completely and let Windows choose to install High Definition Audio Drivers for it and no go.


Really, how did it die? Was it perhaps when I tried to use TOSLINK with my receiver, did I somehow cause a surge and destroy the card? Cause it kept restarting that time....then I took out the card, wiped the drivers, installed new ones, and no random restarts. It;s just Windows detects the Device as A-OK, so I find it weird...


A format is a possibility, but I don't really want to do it and have nothing happen. Wish I ahd a friend I could  give the card to try out or another sound card to try out, or some PCI-E x1 card of some sort to try out, but I don 't want to waste money on nothing.


But perhaps the PCI-E slot is not at fault because the card is infact powered and recognized but Windows. I keep thinking it must be driver related...but how?


When I unlock the Headphones, there is an audible "Pop!" so I don't know what to do...



Important update here!


I just watched the cart AS I plugged in the Microphone. It stayed lit. Then I plugged in the Headphones...the X-Fi light went "out", completely dark. I removed it...went back on, I slowly removed it and I slowly saw the X-Fi Light getting brighter!


Does this sound like it's the card then!? I also turned up the volume the most I could, and I hear a static noise, constant. Bout it. Think the card is deep fried?


Well, I wonder if I should gt an Old Titanium like my current one...or buy a new Zx or Z series.


My card wasn't cheap, either:




I got it years ago, had it replaced once....guess something happened again!


I found the HD For 108$, a pretty good deal, looking @ Guru3D's review, it has CMSS3D as well as TruStudio Pro.







On why it's so cheap? Compared to worse ones even?



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Titanium HD? Cheap? Well, it's only about $100 right now, but I still regard the Titanium HD as Creative's top-tier card, outranking everything else they've put out (including the Sound Core3D products) as long as you only need two channels of analog output.


Grab it while you can, it won't let you down.

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Originally Posted by NamelessPFG View Post

Titanium HD? Cheap? Well, it's only about $100 right now, but I still regard the Titanium HD as Creative's top-tier card, outranking everything else they've put out (including the Sound Core3D products) as long as you only need two channels of analog output.


Grab it while you can, it won't let you down.


Pretty much this.

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Yeah, I got it ordered with overnight shipping.


Hoping it works out well.

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