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Ozkan, have you experimented with inlay filters on your Phonaks? http://www.trustedreviews.com/phonak-audeo-pfe-112-earphones_Headphones_review_phonak-audeo-pfe-112_Page-2


i have heard from some Phonak users that swappping different colored inlays they can reveal day and night difference in sound, no joke.

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Grey filters are the best for me. It is not about the filters. It is about power output of C3.

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Originally Posted by Takeanidea View Post

Have you blind tested it yet? That would give us the true answer. I am beginning to become highly suspicious of my gut reaction to noticing differences in sound quality. There COULD be a small difference in the sound coming from the headphone out of the c3 as opposed to the imod.
I have stopped listening to the imod through the amp...it sounds fine through the top. The c3 sounds great too will blind test shortly to tell you if I truly can hear any difference.
Only thing is my hd800s don't go loud enough on the c3 and they do on my imod (which is being used as an ipod)

I thought that to take full advantage of the imod that you had to listen through the line-out?

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Ozkan, excuse me but i cannot understand you. many reviewers say Phonak IEMs are more difficult to drive compared to others. why would you resist buying a good amp for your Phonaks? yes, grey filters are more analytical and revealing with more mid centric presentation... and C3 is also mid centric and more analytical player, so i am not surprised with the result you get. i would humbly suggest you either try black filters or try amping C3 and report back sound differences. i cannot believe this case is hopeless because so many people find C3 just so good and your case is an exception. i just cannot believe my ears are so wrong in what they hear and they hear C3 outperforms Cowons by wide margin while Cowon is the leader in consumer MP3 market.


so do us a favour and experiment a bit, i am curious what result you will have.

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interesting comparison of PFE 112 and Senns IE8 http://www.head-fi.org/t/406323/phonak-audeo-pfe-vs-sennheiser-ie8


i think it explains some issues Ozkan is having... looks like 112 are too analytical with grey filters and too dark with black filters... no magical ring to make them sound both analytical and warm fully bodied at the same time as it looks to me.

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Stop blaming an excellent headphone for a result that you don't like. Gray filters are fine, have similar bass to a TWFK headphone and is still less bright. That review gave a $150 phone 5 stars for value. Are you nuts? They are also plenty easy to drive and can get dangerous loud with a clip. It's single driver without odd impedance or phase issues. None of your comments make a bit of sense. You guys disagree on the C3 and that's fine but no IEM is perfect and you're picking on what might be one of the most perfect ones under $250 becuase you don't like another's opinion. It doesn't get much easier than driving over 32 ohms and 107db effeciency.


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goodvibes, i am not blaming but suggesting because the guy does not like the sound... i know PFE 112 gets rave reviews but i can imagine C3 not having best synergy with PFE 112.


i do not blame anything or anyone, i just express my opinion and suggested some changes to experiment. besides i have the right to have my opinion on the issue and post this in polite form.


having said that i cannot remember a single person besides Ozkan who would put down C3 sound wise ... and excuse me before i bought C3 i did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews, forums and similar. also coming from musical background and having learnt piano playing by hearing i trust my ears... at least my ears are good enough to have an intelligent discussion with music professor from Wiener Filarmoniker :-)

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Of course some have bought and resold like every orher DAP on the market. 6 on the first page on a search of the for sale forum alone so you have a jaundiced eye. Telling someone they should buy a less informative bass heavy earphone like the se215 to appreciate the c3 is counter productive. Pairings matter but that's the wrong compromise. You like it and it doesn't suit him. That's great but you're over the top.

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goodvibes, i never recommended se215 on C3, indeed for this reason i bought musical fidelity. se215 i use only with S9 on the go and in car. for everything else C3+MF is my main setup amped by ZO2. i would never suggest going down to se215. i only gave this as example in which you trade high-end sound for warm pleasing sound, definitely not my case and not recommendable. however i am very much puzzled indeed since PFE 112 are highly regarded so perhaps they just do not achieve best synergy with C3 and that's it. i also suggested to experiment with filters but since main conclusion is in favor of grey tips i lack ideas to suggest anything else. perhaps not good marriage here? can happen like in high-end when mega buck components just do not like each other. for my setup i remember being very surprised when Naim amplifier sounder worse with my loudspeakers than some chinese generic tube amp. at the same time Naim CDP extracts amazing sound and pairs very nice in my setup. go figure. as for Swiss high-end i listened to many famous brands including Goldmund which i could had for 7K preamp+poweramp nearly new but which sound i just did not like. I love Nagra but this costs in tens thousands to tell the least, so not for me. so i settled on something else but with tubes. i think same applies to C3, you just need to try various IEMs to achieve best synergy. saying C3 is crap is similar like saying Goldmund is crap which would be totally untrue.

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He never said crap. I think that's what you can't help but hear. If that Naim amp sounds worse than a generic tube amp with your speaker, that may say more about your speakers needing a particular character than about a revealing amp.

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Today I finally tried my C3 with my new amp and I must admit that this dap absolutely shines with an amp. Bass are powerful now and treble peak has almost gone.

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Here's a video of Colorfly C3 being used as a source on a home system .

Colorfly C3 + Denon PMA710 + Monitor Audio RS8

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0:04- 0:06  helllo!


Do I see veneer . I just might, but it will be stuck there for good. Could always make a new backplate i guess and keep the stock one.




What screwsets were those again? A mobile phone thing?

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Ozkan, congratulations. this is exactly what many of us were suggesting to you from the beginning.


@goodvibes, i am not saying Naim is crap but it just did not cut for me with my Sonus Fabers Cremona. so i went tube way adding proper triode amplifier to my rig. however i also have Naim cdx2 and absolutely love it. i hope now you get my message better. there is no bad equipment but compatibility and personal taste issues. what is good for one person is not for another person.


as a matter of fact i love Naim brand a lot not to mention their beautifull minimalistic design. it was all about synergies... and Naim CDP entertains me everyday that i cannot believe there is any better player concerning the way of musical presentation. Naim is so good that i even decline a very good offer for Pathos Endorphin which some reviewers consider cheaper reference quality CDP. that said i find Ayon pure triode tube amp so better in my system.

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btw, goodvibes, i am curious what hifi rig you have. i see you fairly experienced in gear and matching.


and i am so happy Ozkan found the way to enjoy great sound. because in the end this is all about sound and not gear per se.

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