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General rule for eBay, look for feedback ratings and how long the dealer has been on eBay.  The one you linked to looks fine, based on that info.  Though, as Troll mentioned, no warranty from China-bought retailers.  For $30 more you get a warranty and, maybe, faster shipping.  

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Only $15 more... as that eBay seller wants $15 to ship it as well.

TTVJ shipping in the US is free on the C3.


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I would go for the authorised seller if its only 15 buck more.

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hey guys can any1 help me setup the c3 i just received it.. need to change language to english, also is there a firmware update? i downloaded one off the colourfly website.. can any1 tellme how to check my firmware version on the c3?


its jst showing internal flash. stuck at there


edit - i flashed the firmware to latest one, now its stuck at restart system... 



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Originally Posted by toxicdrift View Post

edit - i flashed the firmware to latest one, now its stuck at restart system... 



Reset it with a pin in the little hole above the headphone jack.

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Yep- hold the pin in for about 20-25 seconds.  We've all been there.


Language?  Turn it on>press far right (middle) button (with 9 circles)>Repeat Mode>Push bottom right arrow with 1 line once>EQ mode>push again Display Setting>push again>Language>Push middle button (arrow with 2 lines) to select>push right bottom button once, 2nd line should be English>Press middle button for it, you should now be in English.  Just count 'em off.  Middle button selects, bottom right button moves you down the hierarchy, make sure you do this without hesitation.  The buttons can need a full finger pad to operate, not just a fingernail or a half-tap.  Good luck.

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thanks alot guys,! it worked!! loving the player so far. really good build quality and with the bh .. just a crazy combo! 

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Originally Posted by simoniribarren View Post

Hi all!


I'm ready to buy this C3 on ebay




How did i know if this its a fake or original?

Any marks?




I wrote to the Colorful Support about this "whisper" about fakes C3 on ebay.


This is the answer.


¿What do you think?



From: Colorful Support <support@colorful-europe.de>
Date: 2013/6/24
Subject: AW: C3 Fake
To: Simon Iribarren 

Most C3 which will be offer from Hong Kong based online shops were produce for Chinas market. The quality control and the material has not the same level like the goods for export.

For C4 we found out differences in material, esp. display, TCXO chips … , about C3 there is some rumor at market. Up to now I got not yet a “fake” C3 in my hand. So I can’t give any hits

about this. Please have a look at the where to buy area on our Colorfly web sites and order from authorized dealer.        

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There are two types of quality for C3, the one for China market & the other for export? angry_face.gif

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Or, more likely, Colorfly is trying to kill the Chinese resale market by floating that rumor.  My Chinese "fake" accepted the new firmware upgrade.  When I contacted Germany Colorfly about my C3 locking up, asking about warranty, I was told I was not covered as I bought it from a non-authorized retailer, NOT that I had a fake.  


I believe Colorfly feels that any item not sold by an authorized retailer is a fake.  Not the same thing as being a made-in-China knock-off.  


If anyone has disassembled a C3, were any parts stamped with a manufacturing country?  


Oh, and as to fakes being sold that you need to worry about on eBay, most/all of us have bought them for $90-110 US from Chine/HK.  The fakes were the ones for $10 US, which didn't exist as they were offered by scam sellers.  I've not seen anyone here talking about an actual, physical fake C3.

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Dude, that sounds bad if company does not want to stand by their product and plays kind elitist here. sorry to hear about this experience.

Does Colorfly care little about their product reputation and is this their business where or from who i bought my C3 when product is genuine and not fake?
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It feels that, if you buy from a non-official retailer, it will not back up the device with a warranty.  And, if you visit the web site, you will see that Colorfly wants a registration # in order to upgrade firmware on a C4 (NOT on a C3).  


I fixed my lockup with the pin method, thanks to the help of people here.


As to real or fake, no way for us to tell.  If the C3 is produced in China, then how can we say if the one we have is "real" or not compared to another one made in China?  Mine works, it had all of the "correct" paperwork, the box seemed correct, and it accepted the firmware update.  I have to assume it is real.  


I've got no issues with Colorfly's corporate behavior.  It has the right to control its product as it sees fit.  Of course, I have the right to purchase said equipment if I choose to, knowing that there are limits on my rights as a purchaser.  As to why it chose not to sell its devices in the U.S., that is another matter entirely.  When I was informed that I could get no warranty help, I was also asked if I could find a U.S. retailer for Colorfly to contact.  Quite the interesting corporate marketing scheme.  :)

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Dude, i think you too kind to Colorfly, i think this is silly especially knowing this not easy to get outside Asia.
and excuse me but the makers of exclusive mega buck gear would stand by their product unlike so cheapo Colorfly which makes me laugh sadly, so far they can be sure C3 is my first and my last Colorlfy DAP unless they reconsider their iditotic policy.
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I just received my C3 and the Hisoundaudio Flamenco (free gift). Only listened a bit to the IEMS in the car (when I was not driving), and it sounds pretty good.
but only just had the opportunity to connect my headphone... wow.


My HD25-II just came alive, now I already read that the Sennheiser wasn't terribly hard to drive; but it sounds way better then when connected to my computer or smartphone.

It's so crisp and detailed and also doesn't lack punch when bass kicks in. Bass guitar and female vocals sounds delicious smily_headphones1.gif

And I haven't even received my amp yet! I don't think I need to buy the X3 anymore, the C3 is a great deal for about 99 USD on ebay.


To put all of this in perspective; the only dap I ever had in the past was the Creative Muvo N200 and my smartphone Galaxy S with voodoosound. 

Now I just need to sort my music and put it on the dap and wait for my headphone amp to arrive!


[edit] The C3 is tiny btw, expected it to be three times the size. A very good plus!

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Yesterday my C3 is R.I.P after 4 months of using it. frown.gif


Very bad in term of product reliability even though C3 sounds very good.


Anyway, my next DAP will never come from Colorfly!

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