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Originally Posted by olddude View Post

I upgraded from an iPhone 4 running Apple Lossless files through my TF 10s to the C3 BH combo running FLAC/WAV and I CAN tell the difference.  The sound is wider, fuller, clearer, and easier on my ears.  It doesn't tire me out after long-term listening (ear fatigue).  I haven't listened to MP3 for years just because I want as much quality as I can get.  Sometimes you can't "tell" the difference but it is there nonetheless, just below conscious awareness.  


Years ago (the 80s) I bought a pair of KEF tower speakers.  They were great.  Then I went back to the retailer and listened to a pair of KEFs that cost three times as much.  I could HEAR the difference, maybe 10-15% improvement.  Would that be worth the financial cost?  I decided, no.  Buying the C3, with or without the BH, is like that.  The difference is there, is it worth it to you?  As to re-ripping your CDs, I re-ripped everything and I'm glad I did.  It was worth the time I spent.  


Thank you! I will consider the option provided that there's a possibility for me to have the time to rip my CDs into flac.

As of the moment, that possibility is slim tho...

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Originally Posted by Alexei23 View Post

Just been testing out my new C3 without an amp and I am impressed.  I don't think it sounds as good as the Cowon Z2 I had before, as I like extra bass and treble and you only have that silly eq sel of which only the jazz setting I like. The bbe on the cowon is very good and you can nicely tailor the sound to your preferences.  I have to say though the sound does appear more natural compared to the cowon which is good for much of the music i listen to.  I am a bit noob when it comes to this stuff (although I have always had portable players such as walkmans, discmans and minidisc players and am now on my 3rd mp3 player). More of a hifi man (looking for a good set of mid-priced floorstanders with nice low bass), but joining this forum has infected me with the bug now and I want to explore this more. 

Anyway my only real complaint (other than the silly eq oh and the tiny display) is that the bass without an amp on a few tracks distorts a little and reverb can sound a bit muffled. So what amp would you guys recommend for me to help improve the bass and retain that natural sound and the lively midrange which makes this an enjoyable listen. Oh nearly forgot smaller the better as I hate my pockets bulging.

add BH amp and there will be no comparison to Cowon, C3 is less digital and more refined, try this combo with BH and you will me amazed. My S9 sleeps in the box and works only in my car.
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I also ripped everything to FLAC. Took me two years but it was worth it. If you start with your most listened to music it can take the stress out of it. I don't use the C3 with a BH but I can verify that it is worth the investment in time in getting the source files as good a quality as possible. If only for when the C3 successor comes out and you really can hear a difference!
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I've had my c-3 for about three weeks now and am very happy with the sound, but I am still having issues with it playing entire folders through.  It keeps playing two songs and then stopping.  I have set and reset the repeat mode over and over again and have reset the unit itself several times using the hole above the output.


After resetting the unit, I can sometimes get an entire folder or 3-5 songs to play, but then it reverts to 2 songs and stopping.


I have tried to update the firmware, but I use Macs and get error messages when trying to update ("Safari can't open file").  Have any mac users updated theirs on their computers?  I am running 10.6.8 on an iMac and a Macbook Pro.


Has anyone encountered and solved similar issues?


Thanks much,



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Mac user.  I had no problem updating- just put the ISO on the desktop so you can reach it easily.  The directions for updating are on the C3 site- follow them to the letter.  You'll need to use a pin for reset afterwards.  ("Safari can't open file?")  No need to use Safari to open file.  DL the ISO, put it on desktop, leave it alone (don't try to open it), update following instructions.  If Safari is TRYING to open a file you DL'd, there is your problem.  Change preferences in Safari to not do that, or use Chrome or the like to DL.  


As for folders not plays, most likely you have files it doesn't like.  I converted everything to WAV from FLAC using XLD (free and easy to use) since for some reason (bit size, gremlins, naming?) some files just locked up the player.  You've probably got the same issue. Try ripping a CD to WAV, put the files in a folder, run the folder, see.


Also, you ARE removing the silly Mac files using Terminal or BlueHarvest, right?

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Hackintosh user here. No problems updating following instructions. I haven't yet tried BlueHarvest but still no issues. Annoying at times but doesn't cause problems. Sometimes i get the backwards scrolling, sometimes not. I have one folder with flac that gets "Play Error" message but haven't tried to figure out why yet. I used the same card in my Clip+ and it played fine.
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The FLAC folder with a play error will have some songs that are too high a bitrate ie 24/96 they need to be 16/44.1 for FLAC or as high as 24/48 for WAV.

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Thanks for the reply, olddude.  I'll give that a go for the update.


I am only using my C-3 for WAV files, mostly 16/44.1 wavs from CDs.  


I am a musician and I originally bought the C-3 in order to listen to 24/44.1 files of rough mixes of recordings that I am working on.  It works great for that purpose and lets me hear the roughs in the same resolution that I am recording in.


I haven't used Blue Harvest or Terminal.  I occasionally get some weirdness with an individual track when trying to move it from itunes to the SD card.  My solution is to open it up in DSP Quattro (a wav file editor), rename and save it.  That has always worked so far.  I'd been wondering about Blue Harvest, though and I'm going to check it out.


Thanks again.

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Mac puts .ds store files and others in your folders.  That will mess things up. You need to clean up folder before ejecting it by either BlueHarvest or terminal.  

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would you guys be so kind and recommend me some inear phones for colorfly + c&c bh around 100€. currently i'm thinking of hifiman re-400, i read some reviews and seems like a good choice. Music i mostly listen to is progressive/post rock and psychedelic ambient/trance. thank you!

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Ok, I've gotten my issues resolved, thanks to oldude's suggestions.  I did not update the firmware, but instead installed Hidden Cleaner to remove the mac attack from my flash cards.  Everything is good now, folders play straight through, no pops.


I'm using my c-3 in two different ways.  For work (listening to mixes, etc.) I use a pair of 7506s straight into the C-3.  This is most like the studio experience.


For portability and other pleasure uses, I've paired it with a C&C BH2 and use a set of Ety HF-5s with black Shure tips.  I didn't like the HF-5s straight through the C-3, but the BH2 really opens them up.


Thanks to everyone for helping me find this great little music player and amp combo.

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Any suggestions for IEMs that will fit good with C3&BH combo? I am very pleased with it and plan to get new IEMs in 2 months, but I am undecided at this moment.

I prefer a bass oriented sound. I'm looking currently at Atrio Mg7, JVC FXZ700, maybe T-Peos H-200? Any other suggestions?

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Originally Posted by pablobaluba View Post

Any suggestions for IEMs that will fit good with C3&BH combo? I am very pleased with it and plan to get new IEMs in 2 months, but I am undecided at this moment.

I prefer a bass oriented sound. I'm looking currently at Atrio Mg7, JVC FXZ700, maybe T-Peos H-200? Any other suggestions?


You may wanna check ATH CKS1000



If you wanna save money, I highly recommend the Audio Zero Carbo Basso DX210


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Not Sure what happened but my C3 may have just bricked.  I does not recognize the Micro SD card or the internal memory and that is after many resets.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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