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Do you guys happen to know if the latest firmware version is the one listed on their site?



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i thought id add the post, that the c3 is on sale at amazon, as some people do not want to order from HK for various reasons.hopefully  they might appreciate it

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Do you guys happen to know if the latest firmware version is the one listed on their site?



dont know re firmware update, but ur link is for the c4 update

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My C3 has returned, really is a great player. It might not have the most detail out of all DAP I've heard but what it does have is wonderful balance, also a certain vibe to it that really gives a pleasurable listening experience. Most other DAP's I have will excel C3 in detailing levels but they have parts of the frequency range missing such as bass-roll off or overly rich mid range, although the UI can be a little troublesome it has the most even SQ from my litter. I could happily stop here with C3 and be rather happy as a stand alone DAP, but the hobby is very addictive. And the next piece of gear always calls.

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I'm already like the king of the c3 - changing tracks in my pocket, changing the volume but I guess the X3 will replace it very soon. I'll have to agree with H20 that the c3 can make you content to a point that you can stop looking for a new DAP although it does have its issues like bass roll-off and touch only buttons

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H20, correct, C3 is not the most detailed or spacious sounding DAP but there is something magical about it and i would call it analogue like sounding. yes, i feel C3 gives priority to blending music in organic way and imposing analogue sound signature onto digital playback. C3 is amazing little machine and no matter RWAK or adding V3 or X3 i will keep this little BRO :-D


NB: for 99$ you could not wish for more, C3 is amazing DAP, period!

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I think where C3 takes advantages is it displays good rhythm, separation is very good for the price which contributes towards beat and swing C3 displays. For example, my Rocco BA here sounds a little grainy in comparison, it's a touch brighter so everything sounds clearer and has a lot more detail extension in the mid-range and treble which is great if you're listening for analyzing sound, but it doesn't have as much swing or a seamless effect to the music so songs can sound a little mechanical or aggressive.

Similar with CK4+ which also has more detail, but the mid range is overly rich and bass-roll off makes it suffer from the headphone out. If you add the C&C BH amp to CK4+ then you have a better player because the amp itself also has an agreeable vibe flavouring CK4's line out and straightening up the signature, The little C3 just makes songs sound like good quality music without trying to over do anything, and that's why it's a great player, it doesn't try to hard with anything or be overly obvious.

When I say more detail, I don't mean the little things you hear in the music (micro detail), I am merely talking about the extension and depth mid range samples give, for example, a singers voice simply won't have as much clarity or bite as say the Rocco BA or CK4, you won't feel it snap your ears as tightly, but C3 still gives a nice dose of everything.
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Guys, what do you think? Is it knock off?


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Looks genuine to me...

Why would you think it's a knock off?

EDIT: My bad, didin't even pay attention to the price lmao
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9$? thats way too cheap

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but if its real i'm going to buy 2 for that price

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We had this happen last year, there were a few sellers selling C3 ridiculously cheap, members went for it and nothing ever showed up, most had to go through Paypal and open a case. I would not risk it unless you have the money laying around and won't miss it, because it takes a week or two for Paypal to refund the money.
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Originally Posted by fp581 View Post

9$? thats way too cheap

I've been there, mate.

Got scammed.

All I'm saying is you're doing it at your own risk. I got scammed when the C3 was $45, this is $9. Too good to be true?

I think so.
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