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Upgrade question: Markl mod my D2000 or...

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Just came to the conclusion i am in a desperate need to spend money :P


I have this Denon D2000 for as long as.... 4 years?? Don't remember already!

It is quite used, with the headband and pads with no leader left whatsoever, this one must have thousands of hours in use...


I bought them because i was looking for something good for gaming and electronic music (house, tecno, ukf drum and bass, etc)

First i used them unamped. It was obvious upgrade from my headphones (a QUASAR), but the bass, well the impact wasn't an inpact, it sounded like an BUOoOoOM, if you know what i mean :P

Now, a year later i bought a Yulong D100, and it "fixed" the denon: all the same, but the inpact sounds a lot more like a TOON TOON TOON, keeping all the other caracteristics of the headphones.


What i dislike them the most is, althouth the Bass and female voices are cristal clear, seems to me the rest if a bit soft, but i learned to live with that.


Now, upgrade time. And fast question:

Should i spend 500$ to upgrade this Headphones with the Markl Mod, or should i sell it for 150$ and with the money buy another thing?

I'm mostly looking for electronic music like i said.


This is what i can get for the 650$+- 50$ on ebay:


Beyerdynamic T 90 Tesla

HifiMan HE-400

Beyerdynamic T 70p



And for 800$

Grado GS1000i

HifiMan HE-500

Beyerdynamic T5P


And this are the models that i *think* (keyword: think as in opinion from 1 hour reading and probably wrong) would be a nice upgrade for me :)


I don't expect you guys to help me get to the "this is YOUR headphone" conclusion, but if you can help me to eliminate some, it will be easier to research, saving time ;)

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Ok, after some research:


HifimanHE-400  is better than the big brother for the type of sound i want, better bass and more fun;

T70 is somewhat like the D2000, T90 not so good in bass;

A2000 and W5000 are equivalent, with W5000 having better materials. Soundwise they compare to the D2000, with a sligtly better sub-bass on the denon;


So i have reduced the list to the HE-400. Choice gets harder with a bit more budget:

Can't tell much about Grado GS1000;

Beyerdynamic T5 seems like a good replacement for the D2000.

LCD-2 seems like THE headphone to go according to my needs.


I just can't find reviews of the markl modded D2000's compared to these new modern headphones. Could anyone chime in?

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