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Best MP3 Player Under $200

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I'm looking for an MP3 Player under $200 any input would be appreciated.

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Ipod touch.
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That's about as vague as you could possibly get. What do you want most from it? Sound quality? EQ? Battery life? Does the type of screen matter? Is this just for music or do you want to put games and apps on it? How much storage space do you need? Are you going to be playing lossless files or MP3s? Does it need to be small for great portability or can you afford to lug around a bigger player? Details matter, and we need them to recommend the best player for you.


If you're asking what the best all-around player is, I would say the Zune HD, although that's very opinionated.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. Could you reccomend something with good EQ and Sound Quality, for FLAC files, no need for apps nor games, thanks

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Sounds like you want a Cowon, they're well known for having the best EQ and among the best sound quality of any music player. I had the J3 and it was perfect, but I just looked it up unfortunately and it appears to be discontinued now. If you don't mind buying used, I would get one from Ebay or the forum, but otherwise the S9 is very nice too.


Anyone know what's going on with the J3? I can't believe they'd stop making it and continue making the older S9.

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